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  1. Why not give the full list of mods? It is important to know for a custom pack.
  2. Please post some info about the pack, like banned items, the mods in it, etc.
  3. Okay so the recipe change are client sided, meaning even if you set it in the server files, it won't work unless you change them on your client. I just tested
  4. I am using BigDig with NEI.. the recipes there show as vanilla ones even when TE is enabled. Does a client-side setting have to be changed?
  5. http://machinemuse.net/recipes.php I am using the recipes from here.
  6. 5 iron is the recipe for vanilla mode. I wish to use harder recipes. Thermal expansion cost the most out of the Big Dig options so I wish to opt for those. This is for a server I am running. Anyway to get the TE recipe working?
  7. I can't seem to craft the Glider Wing recipe using Thermal Expansion recipes. (Yes it is set to true in the configs). It's the only module I can't craft using the TE recipes. Any ideas?
  8. I don't want to disable it, I just want to stop players from being able to spam everything with it within world guard regions..
  9. I can't seem to craft the "glider wing" when using only thermal expansion recipe. Any ideas to why?
  10. So with the new MPS, the Lux Capacitor bypasses protection, players can place it within towny, world guard, etc with the power gauntlet add on. Also doesn't get logged by plugins. Anyway to prevent this? thanks.
  11. I'm trying to autocraft overclockers using applied energetics. To make the 10k cells, I've been trying to use a liquid transposer but the ME interface does not seem to work with the recipe. The pattern I have basically has an empty cell on one side, and the filled water cell on the other side. Do I need to set the color outputs of the liquid transposer to a specific setup?
  12. Are you going to at least let us know what you need help with?
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