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  1. I just have to ROFLMA.... I thought this thread would have been locked by now... I guess it's just to much fun to watch the drama unfold here.
  2. First unwritten rule of Tekkit Forums: Don't argue with the MODS! Second unwritten rule of Tekkit Forums: READ THE FLIPPING RULES BEFORE POSTING!! Third unwritten rule of Tekkit Forums: don't be a dick when asking questions. LOL
  3. Removing the conflicting mods and config files for them mods will not fix the problem. All your doing is applying is a band-aide for an underling problem. So here's the problem you remove one mod and then another and then another until the errors are gone thus limiting what you can do on your server. Then the players on your server become dissatisfied and start looking for a new server to play on because it has all the mods installed and offers more than your's. Pretty soon you have a dead server with no player population besides you. Which is what I'm trying to avoid by fixing the conflicts one at a time just to keep my players happy on my small server.
  4. I have the same error on mine after I updated to the current 3.1.2 version. Can we get some help on this one?
  5. I have nukes and tnt banned on my little creative server after a "friend" had a major drama fit one night and started using nukes on everything he had built. Which bleed over and destroyed other peoples stuff also in the area. Thus I banned him and banned nukes and tnt at the same time.
  6. Just a simple question. What's going to happen with technic when the 1.3 update hits here in a few weeks? Really I think a lot of us want to know. Laters.
  7. Yeah that trade off really sucks, but hey what can I do but wait like everyone else... later
  8. I run a tekkit server for a few close friends. Recently some of the mods are being updated to newer versions of Forge and it is starting to cause problems. Is there any plans to update forge and the other mods in the technic pack? The reason I ask this is that a mod that just got ported requires the latest version of forge and it's not that I couldn't manually update forge myself; it's my friends that have no clue how to manually update forge on the client side that's the problem. Really I don't want to have to spend hours talking them thru it over ventrilo.
  9. Mine was logging into my server to find that it's having a melt down... A short time later (many hours in fact) figuring it out that the hard drive was experiencing a critical failure (derp). And the pain didn't end there.. Next was my linux distro had experienced download corruption and wouldn't accept any flavor of JAVA. Needless to say finding that out took most of the night. Then to top it off my internet service went out so I couldn't download a new distro. So I installed windows 8 RC and it's running my server as a windows service along with my vent server on the same box. later
  10. Wow! Making a post-it-note and sticking it on the corner of my screen. When dealing with Technic forums! 1. Follow the posting rules! 2. You are not entitled to piss here, be nice ask for help in the proper format. 3. The rules are to be followed... ALWAYS! 4. And most important. DO NOT get into it with the mods here YOU'LL lose. As far as it goes I'm a noob here on the forums and know better than get into it with the moderators! I read the rules before I posted anything.. Later.
  11. Re: [bug] luminators not working Currently I'm waiting on my MFSU to finish charging from the reactor I built this morning. Once that's done I will be trying this setup and hoping it works. Reactor-->MFSU--HV transformer-->MV transformer-->LV Transformer-->batbox or luminator switched out to see which one works. If that doesn't work I'm thinking that something got messed up when I moved the world over from my old craftbukkit server to the Tekkit server I run for a close group of friends. EDIT!! Well I've came to the belief that I'm A complete NOOB today.... (considering that my first computer was a TRS-80 in 1979) I forgot to make sure that the HV input on the boxes was lined up with the MFSU output!! Oh DERP IS ME!!!! LOL Luminators not working because of the operator had a DERP moment! LOL
  12. Re: [bug] luminators not working I just checked and I have the MV transformer. Going to add it to the loop sometime in the morning and try it then. Will reply with results after I test it. Thanks.
  13. Re: [bug] luminators not working I just tried running this config and no luck... Reactor-->MFSU-->HV transformer--LV Transformer-->BatBox--luminator Now the thing I did find out there is no power going from the MFSU to the HV transformer.. I tried placing an MFE between the MFSU and the HV Transformer (no power) Took out the HV Transformer and put a LV transformer still no power from the MFSU is getting to anything I connect to it... Ideas? Because I just ran out of them...
  14. Launcher/pack Version: Tekkit v 3.0.4 (Everything up to date) Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit Version of Java: v7 62 bit Description of Problem: Luminators not working Error Messages: N/A When I try to use luminators with any low voltage power source they flash for a second when placed and then stop working. Heres what I've tried. Solar array-->MFE-->LV transformer--->fiber optic cable--->luminator MKII reactor-->MFSU-->MFE--> LV transformer--->fiber optic cable--->luminator Unless I'm being a complete noob this should be working. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.
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