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  1. What other stuff can mine it? Like the etc. you mean freakachu?
  2. thecracker


    Which pickaxes can mine Obsidian in Technic?
  3. What's the difference between bronze and iron in armor and tools?
  4. I found like a bazillion different great items in chests in the BetterDungeons Strongholds. So a trip to the Nether is def. worth it
  5. What weapons and armor should I get before I go into the Nether again? Any cheap but good ones I can make?
  6. My first trip to the nether to gather some Glowstone... Got my inventory full with 4 stacks of dust, 10 diamonds, enchanted armor that I found, gold sword, a whole bunch of netherrack and netherbricks, gold and iron ingots... I'm on my way back, when I get knocked off the cliff by a rat... Directly into lava... >.<
  7. Is there maybe a list of which weapons and armor are the best, stat-wise and durability-wise? I tried a Sapphire Sword vs. an Iron Halberd, and the Halberd seems to do more damage But I know that there are a lot more weapons and items and I don't know which ones are good and which bad :(
  8. Thank you a lot That map would be really helpful though, is there any chance you might remember where to find it? :)
  9. Can you tell me what I have to do in my optifine config to make the fire work? And when the textures will be updated and the Zeppelin put in? Any idea what I could do about the Refined Iron Dust and the Redstone Ore?
  10. I meant more like a guide for the whole of the Technic Pack, not for every mod individually
  11. Are there any good tutorials or guides out there to get me started on Technic? I really want to play it, but I would like to know the starters and basics first :)
  12. Hmm, after playing around for a bit, it now works, though I have 3 textures that crash my game and say "PATCH NOOB" One is "Fire (51)", "Compass Block (129)", "Dawnstone (2746)" Then a few that don't work properly: "Tome (761)", "Amulet of the Alchemist (1795)", "Amulet of Yggdrasil (1796)", "Zeppelin Remote (7956)", "Refined Iron Dust (30031)", "Redstone Ore (73)" What shall I do with these? EDIT: @Nethaufer: No, I combined different Mods together, all supported by this Sphax-Download here in this thread. I installed the Mods on my own, but downloaded the whole Sphax-TP here
  13. 1) Yeah, I am using Optifine 2) W764bit, newest version of Java 64bit 3) No, not normally, though I have to say I didn't download the mod-pack, but made it myself, i.e. downloaded all the mods and changed configs etc. 4) Of course When I select the Texture Pack, everything works fine, until I click "Done" Then the game freezes for like 10 seconds, loads the background, and then becomes completely dark :(
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