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  1. Hey guys!


    IGN: yogore


    Love playing tekkit and looking for a nice server with nice people :3


    Btw: What is all this plugin stuff about? Do I have to manually install all of them beforehand? :o


    Thanks in advance!



    Promoted to member, welcome! 


    With plugins they are just addons to the server that we have. Nothing that you have to download :)



    My IGN: rase306


    Accepted application and welcome to our server!



    my IGN: henne551


    Welcome to Xeon tekkit server. Your member app is now accepted! :)

  2. Wait is there a reason some folks get accepted and some don't, i understand limited space and what not but do you not see all the people applying, is it like youtube and you see only some of what you should or do you just ignoring some and accept others... cause if so that makes no sense.


    Our apologises, it appears that the staff who accepted the member applications when you posted yours, never accepted yours. Therefore we apologise for this inconvience but i have accepted you application now.



    IGN: Kirito_Kazuto99


    I'm loving the server btw! :D


    Application accepted, welcome! and thank you






    Application accepted! welcome to our server and community! :)


  3. Regarding your post, ahamil04. 


    Clearlag is a plugin which does clear item identities yes, We have always looked for a replacement of this plugin as it helps the server run smoothly. The reason for this is just incase of a bursting Buildcraft pipe for example. This plugin is actually configured to happen around 15 minutes every time, the one minute is just a warning period to make sure that all members are aware that clearlag is about to happen. Maybe we should increase this warning period?


    However we have installed a plugin onto the server called deathchest, This plugin allow your items to drop into a chest when you die, This however does require you to have a chest on you. Reading your post, i understand that this should proberly be changed and that it may be a better idea to automatically drop a chest without having to have one. 


    Regarding assistants, The rank was created more for member appliation acceptance and i understand if there is some confusion into a staff like personality. However i can assure you that speaking to one of our staff members would have been alot more helpful and that the assistant should have really passed you on to one of these ranks.


    I am sorry that your time on our server has been a waste and with your post i will speak to my team and arrange some changes to be made. 


    - Community Founder

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