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  1. A couple of glitches have been noticed, and do not fear, we* are working on fixing them ASAP. *our lead admin Claw is on the case, so you'd better say 'thanks' to him whenever you see him!
  2. Hexxit is surprisingly still going strong, we have a cult following. Join us in the endless slaughter of your peers!
  3. Have you tried updating? I know it sounds dumb but I've just gotta make sure.
  4. The FTB server has been removed, so now we're only running two servers at the moment. No plans to remove Hexxit, so keep on playing!
  5. I don't see that being a great idea, seems like it could be abused pretty easily.
  6. That's a pretty creepy picture... Bernie. The reset seems to have done the server some good, new players like, every day now.
  7. Except in your case. And when you "tell it like it is" it makes you look dumb. That's not even "telling it like it is". Try wording it differently.
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