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  1. Had the same thing, it seems the antimatter dropped INSIDE the LHC ring, so try checking inside. Don't know why but it just happened
  2. Transformers are from Electrci Expansion mod if I'm not mistaken, and the mod is probably taken out of Voltz, you can use energy cubes from Mekanism to downgrade voltage. Example: Ultimate energy cube ouputs 480V, connect it to Basic energy cube (will not, should not explode), and basic outputs 120V.
  3. I haven't noticed any electromagnets in the video, and video is from January so probably outdated, I'm not completely sure but I think you need electromagnets surrounding the fission reactor. Inside the magnets plasma is created and the plasma boils the water. Something like in this video (I'm pretty sure it's the same for fission/fusion)
  4. Is there a way to pump out liquids with mechanical pipe (from mekanism) ? I've been trying everything for days, with valve ofcourse, combining with pump, redstone signal, im out of ideas, help anyone? thanks =)
  5. Re: [24/7][2.1.1][Quantum Gaming Tekkit Server][42 slots][Whitelist] IGN: Vladocar Have you ever been banned: No What do you plan to do on the server: Love buildcraft and Industrialcraft, was playing SSP Tekkit with 2 friends but they gave up and I was so lonely there so I quit also What is your experience level with Tekkit? Buildcraft pretty much good, Industrialcraft everything except nuclear
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