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  1. Just wondering if this still works with tekkit 3.1.2
  2. I did this and found that it skips over that permission node and goes straight to the modifyworld.* any idea on how to fix this? :)
  3. heres the file-http://pastebin.ca/2165626 thanks for the fast response!and also for some reason when i stick it in pastebin it moves the modifyworld to the next line but in my perms it's on the line above! hope that makes sense lol and thanks agian
  4. - -modifyworld.items.have.(x30173:1|x30172:1|x30171:1|x27551|x27552|x27577|x27578|x126:4|x237|x126:11|x149|x30208:1|x30208:27|x27527|x179|x27532|x27532:1|x27538|x27538:1|x27556|x214|x7303|x27531|x27530|x27584|x27584:1|x27584:2|x27584:3|x27584:4|x27584:5|x27584:6|x27584:7|x27574|x27574:1|x27574:1|x27533|x27533:1|x27593|x27593:1|x27583|x134:2|x208|x207|x208:1|x7310|x30131|x30173:27|x30172:27|x30171:27) Can someone tell me where i'm going wrong.. I have modifyworld is enabled and i do have item restriction set to true! This is placed before modifyworld.* Thanks
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