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  1. I skimmed one of these messages, so forgive my ignorance if this has already been stated, but you could use mining turtles with a cobble gen as block breakers are disabled.
  2. @warp I'll get some screens done tomorrow. Gonna go to sleep now. I connected an EU Detector cable to the input of the MFSU and red alloyed it to the Reactor shut-off wireless. I did try messing around a little with a NOT gate and State Cell. But SC's are awkward to use from the looks of it on the RP wiki, I'll look more into it when I have more time. What I was hoping for was some kind of system so that the reactor would turn off for x amount of time when the MFSU fills. I don't want the redstone to constantly turn the reactor on and off. I figured a Not Gate and SCell combo would do this, but I've never used SCells before. All I know is they hold a redstone signal for whatever time you specify. @Phur Nope,nothing in the text. Must be because we use multiverse.
  3. @Green Are you sure you read the wiki? @TheBard and Valkon Yup, I know about Red Alloy having to be on the actual block.
  4. @Master I'll try that later, however..... @Phrio Yes, we use Multiverse. :< Is there any known fix for it?
  5. @ace That was my only other thought, EU Detector cables. Perhaps if there was a way that when the MFSU filled, the reactor would turn off for say 5 minutes. Should be fairly simple with a State Cell? I don't know. I just don't want the reactor constantly flickering on and off again every other second. @Master Yup I have used it before, nothing appears in chat. I even had a piece of Red alloy connected to it and slowly flicked through while the MFSU was full, watching the cable out the side of the screen. Nothing changed. :<
  6. I made that post because he did not read my first post at all. Here, I'll make a quote: Now would you say that it's me being rude?
  7. I set up a reactor on a server. I went all out on it. Reinforced stone, switches with logic gates for safety, info panels. Even though I knew it would never block, and block damage is off. Originally I was considering making a 510 or 520 EU/t Reactor so it just fills an MFSU. Then I decided to just make a really powerful one, because I could. So now I have a 1540 EU/t reactor. My problem is, the Redstone Behaviour button isn't working on any of the three storage devices, so is there any way I could set it so the reactor shuts down when the MFSU fills?
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