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  1. Minecraft Username: cedo11 Age:14 Youtube Channel(If you have one): Cedo_The_Mad Would you donate maybe depends on the server quality How much would you Donate: $5 - $10 E.g Im guessing that any one willing to donate will be added to the server
  2. its not ALL black magic we have stones of healing
  3. any one know how to program turtles to mine
  4. i use thaumcraft for the runes for fire power and portals
  5. ohh i thought u meant a REAL flower not a formation
  6. Alchemist FTW

  7. Engineers have reinforced stone but Alchemists have elderich stone and multiple worlds to escape to (Mystcrsft) we also have swift wolfs witch allows us to fly also along with tant components witch we can use to demolish your land so Alchemist FTW. See and this is why the alchemic mods should be installed in to tekkit because we only get EQ and they get BC IDC2 RSP but i can see where som problems mat occur with Mystcraft and the discoveries in thaumcraft2 Umm please inform me of this flower so i can stop mining
  8. umm your turtles ? how did u taim them?
  9. Up Date I have my thauminacron (the Discovery book) and my lab is all set bad news is I tanted a norman village
  10. oh goodie i have to start over :(
  11. i guess i should update hehe sorry but the topic of Alchemist VS Enginer is still on, I myself am an Alchemist
  12. ya but technic is only single player hence smp and in technic its only at thaumcraft 1 not 2 adnd if it was i wold not of posted this
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