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  1. How does custom code work, would I be able to use it in my server?
  2. Another thing, as I'm building spawn I've been /setspawn ing. I've noticed that wherever you set spawn, it will not set the spawn exactly where you are, and it will always use the default height. So I wanted to set my spawn on top of a building - can't do that now.. =/ Imo needs to be fixed.
  3. 50 views and no answers yet? Should I be trying to contact server owners such as MrVertigo? If anyone knows how to contact a hack/mine server owner like MrVertigo please let me know or give him this thread link!
  4. Hi I'm starting a Hack/Mine server and I have a few questions, First question; can I use MCEdit to paste a building from another map into my Hack/Mine server map? I'd like to make a spawn with the building from a schematic considering you can't use WorldEdit or any other Bukkit Plugin. Secondly, on Vertigo's Hack/Mine server players are permitted to /tpa player to each other, I'm wondering if this is custom to that server (if so can I get it) or if it's built in? I really do need teleporting. Thirdly, when I'm protecting chunks, I press f9 or f6 (can't remember) and it shows a grid of squares - these are the chunks I am protecting right? Is there anyway to zoom in on these? Thankyou for any help it is greatly appreciated!!!
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