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  1. IGN: MxRacer100 Age: 16 Why would you like to join our community? Id like to get back into minecraft and hexxit seems to be a cool modpack. This also seems to be a good server. Have you read, and agree to all of our rules? Yes Do you know how to install the Hexxit Mod Pack? Already have
  2. Minecraft name:MxRacer100 Preffered mod:EE Have you ever been kicked and/or banned before?Nope Age:16
  3. IGN:MxRacer100 Reason for wanting to become a member?:Old server started sucking, looking for a new good one Will you follow the rules that we have set for this server?:Yes
  4. Have you implemented this? Cause ive seen the server at 42/40 slots, and as a nation and town owner, i cant even log on. Re-asking this question cause no one ever answered Also id like to report that even though you said you did, you didnt really fix the lag. Mobs still walk very slow, and there are long delays between your sword hits against players and mobs. The option still stands to get rid of computercraft. Redpower has computers too that can pretty much do everything computercraft can do, also if needed redpower can also replace buildcraft.
  5. This is a friend of mines application, he didnt want to have to make an account on this website. Name: chimenti44 Age: 15 Join anyon: No Played IC2 or Buildcraft: Yes plenty What is the purpose of a macerator: Basically grinds ores into 2 dust doubling profit Recommendations: MxRacer100 Other things i should know: i kick ass, nuff said :D
  6. Did you ever implement this? Ive noticed the server being at 41/40 slots and as a nation owner i cant even log yeah
  7. Can an admin clear this up for me? Is the lifting of machines allowed or not allowed, the way it is stated on the rules could be understood both ways. Also, what circumstances are required for admins to initiate War time. Is it treated as an event where its like "hey everyone we are going to have war time this weekend whether you are peacful or not!" or is it enabled when tension rises between towns like "ok so this town and this town have be fighting alot so we are enabling war time"
  8. Suggestion: Ranks, but more specifically DONATOR ranks. You guys should really have some donator ranks, i noticed today that the server cap got lowered and i was disappointed when it was full so i couldnt join :/. If you guys got donation ranks you could use the money toward better server software that might allow you to raise the server cap again and fix some of this ingame lag with mobs and such that still hasnt been fixed.
  9. thanks for the reply, truthfully for the first one depending on the plugins/mods its necessary that you get rid of them if they are going to fix the issue. The fact that mobs arent even a challenging part of the game just takes away a huge part of minecraft, and if it can be fixed it should be. Also player battles are much harder because it lags between your hits. You can spam your sword at someone and only like every 3 of them will actually do damage and do knockback and such. so if you can fix this you definatly should even if it means you have to get rid of certain plugins, you can replace those with ones that dont cause gamebreaking lag
  10. Suggestions: 1: Currently there is some sort of issue with lag ingame, not connection, but possibly the tickrate or something. Mobs walk at a speed of like 1 block every 2 seconds, and IC2 Machines seem to do things A LOT slower. So if you could fix that this would be great. I already told an admin ingame but i truthfully dont know if they did anything cause when asked other questions about plugins/command they simply answered with idk. 2: If you could either give us permissions to command or make a command to LEAVE global chat. On a big server like this global chat is extremely anoying when you just want to play with a couple of friend far away and use local chat. But instead you have to deal with 20 idiots complaing and bitching about stupid things like being killed or not knowing simple commands and truthfully no one wants to listen to this, especially since theres always someone spamming stupid things or bad words and things like that. so an option to leave global chat would be great and it is completely needed. 3: I saw in chat that someone reported some grief and an admin/mod came and checked it out, verified it was grief and then banned the people. then when the player asked if they could roll it back the admin refused and said that he wasnt the one that delt with rolling back. I thought this was kind of strange that someone in an admin possition refused to fix something that someone did while breaking the rules. Whether its their specific job or not all admins in game being of such high position, should have the ability to rollback and or fix rule breaking. Another exuse for not rolling it back was because they thought it might corrupt the world. now im sure that this is possible, but ive seen many many rollbacks with logblock done on tekkit servers and ive also done many myself and i have never seen a world be corrupted, so with such a small chance they should have done it anyway. hopefully you read this and fix some of these, i dont mean to sound harsh but its just my opinion and it would be great if you, the owner, could fix some of these things