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  1. first of yea, Blake himself is joining. Second, I LOVE THIS SERVER!!!
  2. I just wanted to say I built a steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/blakecraft
  3. I tried looking for other servers but your server set the bar too high. Also the 3 hours thing is just for tonight.
  4. I'm here and I'll be willing to waiting for at least 3 more hours. I love this server!
  5. I've been playing on this server for a few minutes and I have no complaints. I like the fact this server is new and small. I just hope it isn't too small. I have some questions about the server that would be best answered on the server.
  6. IGN: wwwyld5 Tekkit Exp: about 6 Months What is your best Tekkit Skill? EE2/ fast learning/ adaptability If you could add or remove a rule at ZagCraft, which would you remove/add? I honestly can't think of anything Languages Spoken: English
  7. IGN: wwwyld5 Reason for wanting to become a member: I am stuck in a hole and can't get out Why should we accept you: you have EE enabled and I like EE