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  1. So... The Stonecraft server's been down for a while now... xD

    Mabye time to resurrect it? :3


  2. Stonecraft isn't dead, it just has yet to return. (wich may still take a while)
  3. Goddamn ducks! Its always the ducks fault!

  4. I am very sorry to say that host is having internet problems. His internet provider is having troubles.
  5. Hey stift! Join us this weekend as we're holding the good old Stonecraft server to come and play on during the weekend!

  6. Hey Matteo! If you see this in time, we'll be holding the good old Stonecraft server up this weekend to play. Just for the lulz, right?

  7. Hi Ace. Join us in the weekend and go explore the good old Stonecraft world. We're up this weekend! Tho there is not planned any more uptime than that in the closest future. Cya then?

  8. If anyone reads this, the server with the old world will be open the weekend for you to look around and think of the old days. This wil be in Tekkit Classic, 3.1.2. Cya then!
  9. I cant confirm if the server will ever be up again or not, but theres always hope. -Rnen
  10. Wow, i cant belive you guy's are still around. As kell said, we're playing on a private, dedicated server. Ask kell for ip 'n stuff. Its been a while!
  11. Is this on a server? More spesific, is this you'r server, or is it someone else's? Please post a bit more info.
  12. The problem, as The_DarthMoogle said, may be that you're using the Technic modpack to try to log on a Tekkit server. Check this. If you are shure you're using Tekkit, then check the Tekkit Version. This may also be the problem.
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