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  1. when holding the activate power button and you right click, the game will show a screen saying "Saving Areas" and the application will force quit when you use wind trap on soulsand, the client will immediately crash,and although it goes to the error message screen, there's no text whatsoever The level 1 tower sometimes spawns the brown slimes outside of the tower and there was no boss, or was there supposed to be a boss? http://hackslashmine.wikia.com/wiki/Bug_Compendium
  2. Is it possible to add a mod into a mod pack?
  3. I guess you can Try this: A. Create a flat world using minecraft vanilla, move/copy the world into the technic folder, and then open that world with technic launcher. Keep in mind that new land would spawn dungeons, so move arround in order to have plenty of chunks created flat before switching to technic. B. Remove the mod Better Dungeons (delete the folder, then update with the launcher), create the flat world, create your map, put the folder back/update, finish adding the things that are included in better dungeons. There is no way to turn on/off the mods (which would be really use
  4. Hi buddy, where do you get the server? I can't find it
  5. Honestly I didn't check, and I didn't want to call it solved untill, at least, one day passed. The file is still there, so I guess changing the propperties of the file works to solve it in win7, don't know if it works for XP. BTW don't know how to change the title.
  6. There is not much details to add, we download technicLauncer.exe, execute it, play, close the game, then the launcher, the file disappears. I tried to replicate it to screenshot the warning I mentioned. I downloaded the exe again, then right-click > propperties, there I see a legend, at the bottom, that says: Security: This file comes from another computer and could be blocked to help protect this computer (this is a translation from spanish, it might be different, but the same point) Then you have two buttons, Advanced (didn't check) and Unlock (SPA:Desbloquear), click Unlock, save
  7. No matter where the file is located, I run it, play, minutes after closing it, the file just disappears. I copied it, run the copy, same thing, but just the copy disappears. What happens is that the .exe file disappears from the system after closing the application, no matter where it is located or if you have many copies of the same file, the one that run, vanishes. Tried to change the propperties of the file, protect it, but nothing seems to work. I spotted something today, a warning saying that the file comes from another pc and might harm my pc (my computer is in spanish, I don't know the
  8. Finally, after several tries it showed up. Location for Win 7 C:\Users\**userid**\AppData\Roaming\.techniclauncher\technicssp\config
  9. There is no modloader.cfg to be found. Last time I downloaded the launcher it was there, I deleted the .technicpack. folder and installed it again and it didnt downloaded, it is not there
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