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  1. I am no longer active on these forums.

  2. Nearly half more than half of the threads under "What's New?" are people having trouble with technic or the launcher. I was referring to your statement concerning why they can't sell the modpack.
  3. It is entirely wrong except for the part about railcraft being a mod that's on the internet if you're picky. Read my post above, both the mc tos that you read and agreed when purchasing the game, as well as federal copyright laws protect every mod, which as killer of lawyers kindly pointed out, railcraft does happen to be a mod.
  4. There is a great deal of legal ground although I doubt covert will take legal actions. Since you brought it up though, the tos on minecraft.net that you so thoroughly read and agreed to when you purchased minecraft states that all plugins created for the game are the developer's property. Additionally railcraft is copyrighted, just as you can't distribute someone else's book, you can't distribute someone else's code without their permission. I assure you, I am not confused. EDIT: I was wrong to doubt covert wouldn't take legal actions (see below)
  5. Nobody's forcing them to prove it. If they don't want to, then they don't have to, they just won't get railcraft. They have to prove it since that's the guidlines he set for people to publicly distribute railcraft. If you want you can go create a mod and set your own guidelines, but if you want to use railcraft you're going to have to follow covert's guidelines since it's his mod, just as you have to follow mojang's guidelines to play minecraft since it's their game.
  6. Seriously? Whether he did PM them or not it doesn't really matter, the point of this thread is for the technic team to post proof of their permissions, whether he PM'ed them or not they still have to post the permission links. Trust me, that's not the stance of any of the forge devs, if that's really what you think why don't you go get screenshot of that if you're all about proving things. You may use his mod, but if technic doesn't provide a list of permissions links, you won't be using it in technic.
  7. He said that he had already talked to one of their team members, so he posted it publicly. It is much more promising, and much friendlier with the modding community :)
  8. I heard about this post on slowpoke's stream, I don't use technic but railcraft is one of my favorite mods especially because it's probably one of the most balanced. I really think some most people are taking this a bit too harshly, all he asked was that they post a publicly accessible list of permission and license links for all the mods used in all the modpacks using railcraft which (assuming they do have sufficient permissions), only takes a few minutes. While he is being pretty nice about it in his post here, I don't doubt that he will take further action if it's not removed which I would fully support, especially considering how certain people who will remain anonymous have dealt with similar situations having to do with the technic pack. From the terms of service on minecraft.net which you read and agreed to when you bought the game:
  9. Unbanned, but if any other moderator saw this you would probably not be so lucky :)
  10. His point was you dont have to be so rude about it its as easy as saying something like "you should put this in the bugs section heres a link *link*". Just because most of the other people on these forums are rude doesnt mean you have to be rude. People like you remind me why Im leaving tekkit.
  11. All promoted. And thanks for putting in the whitelist.mcf.li link, making my life so easy! Also wanted to let everyone know that in EE3 there wont be collectors, condensers, relays, destruction catalysts, redmatter, etc. Pahimar is completely rewriting it so there wont be nearly as many banned items when the server updates to 1.4 you can look for the prerelease on google because it's apparently against the rules to link to the minecraft forums :/ And also is there any chance we could consider switching to the ftb pack for the 1.4 update, it's much more organized and has better mods as well as permission to use them.
  12. All Promoted Denied. 16 bans is way too many. whitelist.mcf.li/check/user/b1882fbcfa2bcf4e805d34c946c9f1bd10effbc6/ccoop95
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