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  1. / That, my friend, is an awesome idea.

  2. CJ: I think it would be a great idea to have a verification system in place so none of technic users could use your mod. - your biggest fan.

  3. I have issued successful DMCA takedown notices in the past to other modpacks. I've talked with Mojang devs who say I have the right. Trust me, the law is on my side.
  4. You are wrong. And I see no progress will be made unless I post this -> https://dl.dropbox.com/u/38558957/Minecraft/IceWolf.EsperNet.log
  5. You do not have permission to include Railcraft in this pack since you have not met the restriction I placed on future inclusion of Railcraft in Technic packs. That restriction being a publicly posted list of permission and license links. I made this fact clear to at least one member of the Technic team. If there is a public list of permissions/license links available and I'm just not seeing it, please post the link. Otherwise, failure to comply will in result more drastic actions that generally will just waste time for both parties. PS. Before anyone asks, the Voltz pack did meet the requirements, their list of permissions is easily found. This takedown notice does not apply to them, only to the Technic Lite pack.
  6. It actually has very little to do with legality and everything to do with respect.
  7. I'm sure everyone would appreciate it if personal attacks where left out the discussion, seeing as they little bearing on the real subject, and just serve to further distance the dev community from the technic community.
  8. Slowpoke can vouch for me, or just pop on IRC and ask.
  9. Eh...if the trolls and fanboys from either side get involved, feel free to give them a good kick out the door.
  10. I'd suggest you start by posting proof of the permissions you do have. It would go a long way towards earning the trust of us devs.
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