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  1. Did you start another server? Is the port in use? Try using a different port.
  2. I think it's wonderful that people like this post here. There should totally be a weekly contest about it.
  3. Obviously WindowsPC won't work with Java 8, you need to upgrade (it's way too high-tech, since the only working java 8 version is for 128-bit). Therefore, go here and your problems will be solved (The cash to FlowerChild please )
  4. Why on earth would you use mcpatcher? Just install OPTIFINE. (to modpack.jar)
  5. Change the mod ids, not the world ones!
  6. Change the tekkit lite IDs to match the old ones.
  7. EzioA

    Update Failed

    Delete .techniclauncher (be sure to back up your saves if you have any). Download a new launcher.jar ???? (profit!)
  8. Well, um. Should I fix that to say the coding skills of hoho, the money of bill gates? (i still want the others)
  9. How did this turn into a TB thread? XD Anyways, I changed my mind. I want the coding skills of Bill Gates, the money of Steve Jobs, the piano skillz of my teacher, my math teacher's skillz, and the social skills of Lisbeth Salander.
  10. this thread is a month old, why revive it?
  11. I want $7500. ($2500 for Razer Blade, $500 for Razer merchandise [e.g. mice, headphones, mousepads, etc.], $3500 on the girlfriend >.>)
  12. Flux pavilion. DJ Fresh. Download the discography (all of his songs) and enjoy.