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  1. I think he means that you only have one block to work with, as opposed to other carriage types, where you can attach a second or a third engine/motor/controller to any other carriage in the contraption. However, I don't really think it's a problem unless you design REALLY small stuff, and even then, a template carriage is more compact than any other one in almost every circumstance.
  2. There's a 1.6.4 version of Slimevoid's WR: http://slimevoid.net/downloads/
  3. Just a question. I've not been following the development of RiM for a good while now. Does it work with WRCBE? If yes, you do not even need a remote computer on the carriage structure. Just place 2 carriage engines (if you need 6 degrees of freedom), or 1 (if you need 5 or less DOF), and attach their sides to wireless receivers that receive remote signals from a stationary computer. Problem solved. The issue of computercraft's interaction with RiM is only an issue when there are no compatible wireless redstone mods, really.
  4. DSUs are connectable to the ME network using Storage Buses. You can also eliminate all loopback problems by using export and import buses to interact with items such as the Planter or the Harvester. I STRONGLY recommend watching Direwolf's spotlights of AE (all of them), because that's basically a combination of a spotlight and a tutorial.
  5. What the hell do you do, parallel 3D rendering? 16GB is enough for most work situations and EVERY gaming situation.
  6. He technically can, but it's not going to be pleasant for anyone involved.
  7. I didn't consider macbooks in my previous post. I assumed naturally, that if you want to do ANY sort of gaming that is not iPod/iPad apps, you'll stay away from apple laptops at all costs.
  8. "Gaming laptop" is an oxymoron, no matter how much marketing divisions try to convince you otherwise. This comes due to natural problems such as heat dissipation during high CPU/GPU load, as well as problems with battery life (unless you are willing to connect to a power outlet or else restrict your gaming sessions to 20-30 minutes between recharges). That said, if you want a laptop that you can play games on, there is no need to spend an inordinate amount of money. Get a moderately specced one, which will probably not be able to run Metro Last Light or BF4 on max settings, but will do pre
  9. My analog watch doesn't have a button. It doesn't even have a switch. Just a dial that can be used to adjust the time on it.
  10. Any chunk loader should theoretically work just fine. But be aware of the issue that when it is moved, the chunk loading function disappears for the duration of the movement. Which means that the machine unloads from the world. To alleviate this problem, create a second, small carriage that only has a chunk loader on it, and move it and the main machine in turns. This ensures that your contraption is 100% chunk loaded at all times.
  11. You would probably do well on a certain imageboard. You are too frank for your average modmaker fan to handle, and too forceful for your average modmaker to ignore. Sorry if this is turning into a character analysis.
  12. Sadly, it seems like newly registered users cannot make topics in the Suggestions forum, so I'll probably have to post a comment in the OpenPeripherals section, which kinda sucks, as it's only tangentially related.
  13. You know, I am tempted to contact the CC forums and discuss the creation of a wireless peripherals addon for the computers. Being able to link a moving carriage controller to a stationary computer wirelessly would be of such great benefit to everyone.
  14. Yeah, you tell that to all those DX9 games that are stuck in 2003. Drivers are a big part of utilizing the graphics card. But a game has to be built specifically to be able to even draw that much power. I've said it before, my 670 can handle almost anything I throw at it. I was able to play Metro Last Light at close to max settings at 40-50 FPS while live streaming it at 1280x720 30fps. Buying a Titan right now is simply not worth it, even if you want to play Battlefield 4 (I was able to get the beta to run at a stable 60fps if I turned the ugly ambient occlusion off). Especially considering t
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