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  1. Update: We have begun work on our massive 2.0 update. This update will add in another continent, and shift the focus of the server more towards the progressive MMORPG focus. We will be implementing classes of varying degree, aswell as a fully progressive spells system. On top of these few additions, we have much much more planned that cannot be put into words just yet, but we will have a comprehensive quests and reputations system that will allow the player to gain reputation with certain factions of the land. This reputation can be used to either buy specific goods that cant be found, or at a lower price, or to purchase player housing in vibrant areas of the map itself. Additionally, this update, once finished, will reinstitute an old custom of ours: Providing end-game multiplayer raid dungeons, populated with custom mobs and bosses, all complete with their own custom loot tables. We look forward to the future, and to anyone who wishes to check out the server once the update is complete. As always, the server is live right now, but incomplete due to being in its open beta phase. You may access the server, and play to your hearts content.
  2. MMORPG Minecraft Inc.

  3. No_Pain, Bondspy, LunarianEnclave, and Immaterial approved. See you on the server when it restarts soon!
  4. It is being repaired. Please direct your attention to our website at: www.aegisgaming.org for more info.
  5. Sorry folks. Holidays have kept me away. All previous applications have been approved unless otherwise stated on the website. Welcome to Gaia Life.
  6. @NewSoul: I would try that aswell. You should also dedicate at least 2gigs of ram to the technic launcher, and make sure Perm Gen Size is on by default. The rest of it is up to your video and cpu capabilities, possibly even ram. I would suggest making a help me thread on the website forums, they tend to draw a lot of attention, and help usually arrives fairly swiftly.
  7. @NewSoul: We have several forums with information on how to fix this issue at our website. Please re-direct your question there. If you do not find one, make one under the bugs forum, and one of our senior admins will take care of the problem for you. However, if I were to guess, it sounds like you are either using the ultimate pack, and your PC cannot handle it, or you need to find some diver updates. Possibly even java aswell.
  8. @NewSoul: Factions have the option of rejecting invitations to war. You cannot just go to war with every faction and they will not have the ability to decline. The faction you are attempting to go to war with, must first accept the invitation to war, and then before both factions can even legally attack each other, there is a grace period that both sides must wait. Most factions would take this time to prepare themselves for war. AdamVG approved.
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