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  1. Just last night I was on the FTB subreddit, and they don't take kindly to people correcting their logic over there either. I got the small subreddit equivalent of mountains of downvotes just for explaining the obvious to them. They even went as far to state that FTB is more stable than Technic, simply because one of their ranks didn't install Technic properly and it crashed their Minecraft. I wish people would stop being immature, almost illiterate armchair lawyers.
  2. Name : ximan11 Age : 14 Reason you want to join : I've been looking for a good Tekkit server that I can play on Have you ever been banned before : Yeah, back in 1.7... an admin really didn't like me, banned me for breaking one block then putting it back... it sucks cuz it's on MCBans, which needs to go to hell
  3. IGN: ximan11 Have you ever been banned: Yes, it was a long time ago on a server where it was really easy to get on the admins' bad side. Please give me a chance, because I am not the griefing type and never was. What do you plan to do on the server:Make a large quarry hole, flood it, then make a home floating in it. What is your experience level with Tekkit? I am very experienced in IC2, RP2, and EE2.
  4. Minecraft name: ximan11 Age: 14 Location: USA What do you plan todo on our server(any major project plans?): A 50x50 quarry pit, then a house floating in it with water flooding the hole
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