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    New Mods!

    Flan's has been investigated in the past and it causes some really bad overlaps and server issues when trying to implement it for SMP. I do not know if it changed but last I checked I think the current version of Flan's is not even SMP. That mod does not contribute enough to the feel of Technic to warrant the time it would take to implement it for single player. And without SMP, it would be kind of...boring. As for the guns, a couple of weapons mods have been tried before but most of them ended up being unused because of the IC2 mining laser or even just the ease and availability of using a normal sword or bow and arrow. Sure they are cool, but how many people regularly crafted the hammers, battle axes, spears and javelins in the last version of Technic and Tekkit? Don't get me wrong, good mods and they are definitely fun. But given that they have either been investigated or something similar tried, do not get too hopeful for official integration.
  2. In what context? Do you mean to have it display on a screen or just in general? Also I am guessing you are seeing the "0" when right clicking on a request pipe with a wrench, which opens the whole ordering interface. Those "0"s would be indicating how many of them in the system storage you have, not how many you can craft. So for example if you have it rigged up to make furnaces, it would definitely show you 4 bajillion cobble but no furnaces unless you made one and had it stored in the system storage. As for wiring it up, I know that people have written computercraft packages for red power and IC2, so I imagine it should be possible to take inputs/outputs from a logistics pipe, but it is going to be a little awkward code wise because of the multi-functionality of Logistics pipes. Ignoring the chassis, almost any pipe in the logistics network can behave like any other pipe under the right circumstances. Pulling information from that would make it a nightmare. On the other hand, it would also make it really easy to tap in to. For example with a wireless ordering device, any logistics pipe, even a basic, can become an ordering terminal.
  3. I do not think that Krapht is working on this SMP beta version. The port itself I have no idea, just that it showed up on the IRC channel for BuildCraft then got posted on a repository somewhere. Not real clear on all that myself.
  4. Hey Devs, I have not been around in a while, but I know one of the most wanted/anticipated things is the possibility of logistics pipes in SMP. The largest current holdup for Krapht at the moment as I understand it was a BC port for SMP. I was browsing the Logistics Pipes sub-forum and found this little gem: It would appear that after they made the beta SMP port of BC3, they did a rough port of Logistics Pipes to go with it. If you do not want to check out the thread, here is a link to the github containing the mods: It is probably a bit more rough than you want to put into the pack, and certainly not "officially" supported since it is a beta release. Still something to play around with though!
  5. Well I'll be damned. Possible then.
  6. It would be neat, but the fundamental problem is the mod itself. Since the mod is not Bukkit, it cannot be added reliably. As well the Technic devs do not program mods, else this and every other problem would take back seat to getting logistics pipes into Tekkit. Sorry but it just is not in the cards.
  7. Oh I think I see the obvious confusion here. Technic and Tekkit are not mods. They are mod packs. Technic and Tekkit do not do any sort of programming changes to the mods contained other than some simple configuration things that they handle for us. The thing they DID program is the launcher, which while brilliant does not need core optimization because it is a handler, not the game itself. No what you are wanting is to email Mojang and ask them to optimize Minecraft to not only be easier to run on weak machines (via cleaning up their code) but to also run well on very powerful machines (via cleaning up their code)
  8. Can you post a pic of the gate's UI so we can see what you have configured them to emit?
  9. No, you would not be able to add it like a mod loader mod. Mod Loader and Forge work by adding hooks, segments of programming that allow you to write a bit of code without having to change the base files. Then in your code you just use the appropriate method and your code is seamlessly injected into the minecraft memory dump, which is just how Java works. In order to add those hooks, someone would have to add a modloader hook or a Forge hook (more likely because of the level of change we are talking), but in order to do that forge hook you would still need to do a complete overhaul of the lighting system. So ultimately, back to square one. Sorry, but from a coding perspective, it would be more worth someone's time to just make a completely new game engine than try and change the MC one to support this kind of lighting.
  10. I think you are missing what Eloraam was saying there. That is not a "if someone has time" sort of thing. In order to make that work would involve a complete re-write of an entire, significant, portion of the minecraft base code. Anything that had anything to do with lighting (e.g. furnaces casting light while they are working, the laser mod, regular torches, etc.) would also have to be completely re-written. Before the change to the 1.8 lighting engine this sort of mod was pretty easy to do actually. Since then it is impossible from a feasibility standpoint to do anything more than make a colored block that sheds white light. edit: Just to make it even more clear, doing this would basically make almost every mod involving any sort of light at al inherently incompatible, and ones that did not would be highly unpredictable.
  11. In case you need a further explanation, open source means that you can verify with your own eyes that they did not do anything scummy like hide a line of code in there to steal your login info. If they had, someone would have spotted it by now. If that is not enough to appease you let me explain what getting your MC account information stolen would do: Nothing Mojang does not save credit card information or anything like that, so even if someone DID steal your password and login it is not like they could do anything with it. I suppose they could find out what your email address is, but unless you are the kind of idiot that uses the same password for everything that should not really be a big issue.
  12. Besides which the bug boards here are for things that are clearly problems with the array of mods communicating together, not the mods themselves. Mod bugs are not our problem. And it sounds like you are talking about those sorts of bugs. We will say it again. Technic does not reprogram any mods. If there is a bug in a mod, go complain to the mod author.
  13. I want you to go through that list that you just posted and tell me which of those are Bukkit compatible. Tekkit runs on Bukkit. See Tekkit, Bukkit We do not use vanilla server at all, so if those mods are not bukkit mods for SMP, it aint gonna happen.
  14. Fully automated railcraft and steves carts based mining processing system. Fully automated crafting factory for machinery. Only EE allowed is condenser chests with a raw material, but the condenser may not be powered by a collector or an AMR. Condenser only. Factory must be completely automated. You may input materials and have it automatically sorted and stored instead of the EE condensers, but once it leaves your inventory into storage you may not touch it again. To obtain your crafted machinery, you may use any method to request that you want, though I give you a hint there is a super duper easy way to do it and a somewhat more difficult way to do it. RedPower controlled Nuclear Reactor. Reactor must be a SUC type, meaning it must receive disposable cooling. Reactor must have enough power storage for at least the entire power cycle, no loss allowed. Reactor must have automatic safeties that are not based around the IC2 nuclear control addon. All control and supply systems must be run from a single RedPower computer (this is not difficult, just slap a couple of memory modules on it and it will be fine). Must have electric lighting (RP Lamps count)
  15. I remember having that naivety, then I went to college and realized that on some level everyone is a total douchebag and there are no nice people. So fuck FlowerChild, fuck his mod, fuck his fanbase, fuck the Minecraft Forums community, hell fuck the technic community redacted. Everyone is a prick in some way, the sooner you can realize that the sooner you can get on with your life. Sorry mods, you gals do a wonderful job we love you.