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  1. jdblol

    VOLTZ servers.

    ah, well now i fell stupid.
  2. best dubstep song ever...excision - bass conon... try to survive phrase 1
  3. Hi, me and my friend have been looking for a VOLTZ server to play, we dont want staff or anything just a server to do vids on and have wars. if you have on we can include you in the vids as well We need a staff friendly server which can let us use creative for a while, or lend us the blocks to make em. Msg me . thanks!
  4. <-- is wondering why everything i click i see jay? XD
  5. Don't Play Marc-Polo With Hellen Keller...

  6. jdblol

    New Mods!

    Yes there just sugjestions and its http://minecraftworld.wordpress.com/2011/05/10/minecraft-car-mod-driveable-vehicles/ for cars and http://www.minecraftdl.com/flans-mod/ for planes.
  7. jdblol

    New Mods!

    hey you guys should make anouther launcher callled "battle of the best" and it can have sdk guns flans planes+vechicals! i think that would earn a donator or to,including me, well players post what you think bellow!
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