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  1. Aaaaand it's launching, download complete :D
  2. The music on the Hexxit page is getting me really pumped for this, and at times like this I hate my slow internet >_< Also, there's apparently a mod unique to this pack called 'Hexxit gear' by SCT. Sounds pretty interesting.
  3. There is a complete mod list on the Hexxit page now
  4. There's more info on the site now, as well as a download (just a link to the launcher, but hey)
  5. It said 'finish', it's here (or will be very soon)
  6. @Eon-Man: Got your solution! To open it properly, you have to use an archiving program like 7zip or WinRar. Normally, you don't have to for a zip file, but I had this same problem, then I re-read the instructions and got it.
  7. IGN: Excellion1498 Reason for wanting to become a member: I've been looking for an open server with no griefing/pvp and without having half of the EE items disabled. Why should we accept you: I have never griefed, and would never do so. I also have some minor experience with Tekkit and will add to the friendly community.
  8. The extra HD support being that the game doesn't need any help processing a smaller pack. =P
  9. @Nentify: It is possible, there are several 8x8 packs on the regular MC forums, and even 2 4x4 packs that actually have smaller textures.png's. It definitely works to decrease lag, and I have tried removing Millenaire and Mo' Creatures, but the sheer bulk of mods just overloads my computer. I am saving up for a proper gaming one right now.
  10. @MineFabi: I know that that's the main problem, Mo' creatures and Millenaire, but I'd prefer not to remove some of the mods, mainly because that's what really adds to the mod. Without some of the main mods, the ones that really lag the CPU, it's not really the smae experience that I enjoy. @zedzaw: That sounds cool, I'm looking forward to it!
  11. Okay, so, my computer is laggy as hell, and I barely manage to run the Technic pack with all fast settings and Millenaire disabled. To help, since I know other people have lag problems as well, could anyone out there make an 8x8 or 4x4 texture pack (with a smaller texures.png, obviously) to help with the lag problem?
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