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  1. Yeah, I missed the update announcement, just saw there was a new version and decided to give it a try. Luckily one of those threads has a ID conversion file for MIDAS, going to give that a try.
  2. After updating my Tekkit server from 1.1.10 to 1.2.8d I found that all the pipes were missing, the machines were rotated the wrong way, and all my redstone energy conduits turned to leadstone and disconnected. Luckily I made a backup of the world before the update. I believe this to be an ID problem and I remember there being a tool to change all the block IDs in the world for when mods update. If someone could point me to this tool and the file necessary to fix this update it would be much appreciated. If not I guess I'll just have to restart the world.
  3. Title: Chat Plugins Don't Work Version: 3.1.2 OS: Linux - most likely debian based Java Version: 7 Build 7 Description of Problem: Any chat plugin I use doesn't work and any command from them always tell me that I used it incorrectly even when it is correct(i.e. /mchatme hi = /mchatme *message* - prints a message). It seems to happen with all chat plugins i have tried Error Messages: None Error Log: None
  4. The download link doesn't work for me. Edit: The second one works
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