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  1. Just install it yourself. Put the forestry.zip in your mods folder and that's it. Just make sure you start a new world so you will have all the ores or just go to an unloaded chunk to find them.
  2. sounds cool but i don't think that could be implemented, you never know tho.
  3. 3x3 slot in your inventory now its only 2x2. I see where the confusion is i said 3x3 crafting table derp..
  4. Sorry what i meant was a 3x3 crafting table
  5. HI there not much of a modder or coder but how about a mod that allows a bigger inventory. In technic there are way too many items and most items in my inventory are getting used so theres no organizing and cleaning up to make more space. Yes i am aware of the alchemy bag or even the backpacks in forestry, but its kinda of a pain to keep goin in and out and taking up space on your hot bar. Also note there is already a mod that does this http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/741374-125-customizable-inventory-6-furnaces-version-125-2/ But, it is not compatible with inventory tweaks which real
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