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  1. Name: Trent IGN: 123tmaniac Age: 19 Favorite Tekkit Mod: BuildCraft or Red Power 2 from Tekkit classic (If Tekkit classic counts for that) What is your favorite activity besides minecraft? Hunting or anything outside that is outdoorsy Tell us a little about yourself: (3-5 sentences is preferred) Well I work full-time and am going to start college this year, I spend about 50% of my down time playing minecraft, the other half I'm outside shooting or hunting. I can get crazy on projects that I'm working on in MC designing and developing very in-depth and advanced machines/factories/buildings
  2. awesome sever, i just prefer to plant saps myself, it gets annoying when you want to clear land quickly and then have to wait to destroy saps My ign 123tmaniac
  3. we had a server issue and had to reset, so go on the website http://thetekkit.enjin.com/forum and make a "re-whitelist" application under the application thread.
  4. Nolan my I consider you remove pvp until the arena is built. And letting people camp you house steal your stuff and kill you is pretty fucked up. I was told that pvp was allowed, i killed those people under the rule of its allowed. I was gunna give the stuff back but returning to a ransaked house and getting killed right then is pretty messed, especially because you led them there...

  5. o trust me energy isnt an issue, i have 10 solar flowers and am about to make an ice cooled nuclear reactor. thanks for your help.
  6. wow thanks,but i forgot to mention i already had nano, ill just subtract that stuff out.
  7. does anyone have or know of a list of raw materials needed for a full set of quantum armour?
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