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  1. I turned all my MinY values back to 1, and so far I'm having no problems after two days of playing (not straight lol).
  2. Title: [0.6.0+] NetherOres config errors Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows 7 Home Premium: Service Pack 1 - 64 bit Java Version: JRE 7 Update 19 64-bit Description of Problem: Ever since the new NetherOres update on Tekkit Lite version 0.6.0+, there has been a MinY and MaxY setting now. In both the server and local client Tekkit Lite downloads / installs, the NetherOres config is set up incorrectly where ores will only spawn at a Y coordinate of 128, the top of the Nether. Config file entry in the error log section. Error Messages: Error Log: #################### # worldgen #################### worldgen { I:oreCoalBlocksPerGroup=16 I:oreCoalGroupsPerChunk=8 I:oreCoalMaxY=128 I:oreCoalMinY=128 I:oreCopperBlocksPerGroup=8 I:oreCopperGroupsPerChunk=8 I:oreCopperMaxY=128 I:oreCopperMinY=128 I:oreDiamondBlocksPerGroup=3 I:oreDiamondGroupsPerChunk=4 I:oreDiamondMaxY=128 I:oreDiamondMinY=128 I:oreEmeraldBlocksPerGroup=2 I:oreEmeraldGroupsPerChunk=3 I:oreEmeraldMaxY=128 I:oreEmeraldMinY=128 I:oreGoldBlocksPerGroup=6 I:oreGoldGroupsPerChunk=8 I:oreGoldMaxY=128 I:oreGoldMinY=128 I:oreGreenSapphireBlocksPerGroup=3 I:oreGreenSapphireGroupsPerChunk=6 I:oreGreenSapphireMaxY=128 I:oreGreenSapphireMinY=128 I:oreIronBlocksPerGroup=8 I:oreIronGroupsPerChunk=8 I:oreIronMaxY=128 I:oreIronMinY=128 I:oreLapisBlocksPerGroup=6 I:oreLapisGroupsPerChunk=6 I:oreLapisMaxY=128 I:oreLapisMinY=128 I:oreLeadBlocksPerGroup=6 I:oreLeadGroupsPerChunk=6 I:oreLeadMaxY=128 I:oreLeadMinY=128 I:oreNikoliteBlocksPerGroup=4 I:oreNikoliteGroupsPerChunk=8 I:oreNikoliteMaxY=128 I:oreNikoliteMinY=128 I:oreRedstoneBlocksPerGroup=8 I:oreRedstoneGroupsPerChunk=6 I:oreRedstoneMaxY=128 I:oreRedstoneMinY=128 I:oreRubyBlocksPerGroup=3 I:oreRubyGroupsPerChunk=6 I:oreRubyMaxY=128 I:oreRubyMinY=128 I:oreSapphireBlocksPerGroup=3 I:oreSapphireGroupsPerChunk=6 I:oreSapphireMaxY=128 I:oreSapphireMinY=128 I:oreSilverBlocksPerGroup=4 I:oreSilverGroupsPerChunk=6 I:oreSilverMaxY=128 I:oreSilverMinY=128 I:oreTinBlocksPerGroup=8 I:oreTinGroupsPerChunk=8 I:oreTinMaxY=128 I:oreTinMinY=128 I:oreUraniumBlocksPerGroup=2 I:oreUraniumGroupsPerChunk=3 I:oreUraniumMaxY=128 I:oreUraniumMinY=128 }
  3. Title: [0.5.7+] Missing changelog on (http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit-lite) Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows 7 Home Premium: Service Pack 1 - 64 bit Java Version: Java 7 Update 17 (64 bit) Description of Problem: On the Tekkit Lite modpack page (http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit-lite) the changelog has not been updated for versions of Tekkit Lite 0.5.7 and up. Error Messages: This is all there is on the "Changelog" section of the webpage: Error Log: [b]Version 0.5.6[/b] Updated Custom LAN Ports to version 2.0 Updated IC2 to version 1.115.208 Updated Modular Powersuits to version Updated NetherOres to version 2.0.4 Updated PowerConverters to version 2.1.1 [b]Version 0.5.5[/b] Updated Buildcraft to version 3.4.2 Updated Thermal Expansion to version 2.2.0 Updated Modular Powersuits to version [b]Version 0.5.4[/b] Added MachineMuse's Powersuits version Updated Forge to version 509 Updated IC2 Nuclear Control to version 1.4.6 Updated IC2 to version 1.112.199 Updated Minefactory Reloaded to version 2.0.8 Updated NetherOres to version 2.0.3 Updated Steve's Carts to version 2.0.0.a48 [b]Version 0.5.3[/b] Updated Forge to version 499 Updated CodeChickenCore to version Updated CompactSolars to version Updated DimensionalAnchors to version 52.1.6 Updated Inventory Tweaks to version 1.50 Updated IronChests to version Updated Minefactory Reloaded to version 2.0.7 Updated NotEnoughItems to version Updated NEI Plugins to version Updated OmniTools to version 3.0.1 Added PowerConverters version 2.0.0 Updated PowerCrystalsCore to version 1.0.1 Updated Steves' Carts to version 2.0.0.a47 Updated ThermalExpansion to version 2.1.7 Updated TubeStuff to version 52.1.2 [b]Version 0.5.2[/b] Updated Forge to version 497 Updated Buildcraft to version 3.4.0 Updated Buildcraft Additional Pipes to version 2.1.3.u40 Updated BUildcraft Logistics Pipes to version Updated Dimensional Anchors to version 52.1.1 Updated Immibis Core to version 52.2.1 Updated Inventory Tweaks to version 1.49 Updated IronChests to version Updated MineFactory Reloaded to version 2.0.4 Updated Nether Ores to version 2.0.2 Added PowerCrystals Core Updated Steves' Carts to version 2.0.0.a42 Updated Treecapitator to version 1.4.6.r03 Updated TubeStuff to version 52.0.8
  4. Interesting, what items of yours disappeared? I transfered my 0.5.7 server over to 0.6.1 with no problems so far. At least none that I have seen. So far the NetherOres config has been the only problem I have seen, other than IC2 - Transformers being removed.
  5. @IceFox sorry for the late reply but just wanted to inform you that monsters indeed spawned in my world after updating, so it's something on your end. I am using a normal Tekkit Lite server with none of the extra server tools. Here are some list of things you should check: Check your server config file. Check your doMobSpawn gamerule command, and make sure it's on. Maybe check all the gamerules. Clear all the mobs in your world somehow. Don't know if there is a "kill all" command in Minecraft but somehow you should try. Take that world out,(keep it though) generate a new one really quick. Check for mob spawns. If mobs don't spawn, it's one of the server files. If they do, it's an issue with your current world.
  6. I just wanted to post and bring awareness that the NetherOres config for 0.6.1 is completely buggered, or so I think. After getting reports that nether ores are non existent, I looked in the NetherOres config files. All the ores worldgen option are set to this: MaxY: 128 MinY: 128 (something like this) Now I'm assuming this means all the ores will only spawn at level 128 in the nether, and as such none will spawn. I would recommend resetting the 'MinY' setting on every ore to 1 or whatever you desire. Note that the broken config is affected on both the server config and the local one.
  7. Ya, I wouldn't get too upset over it though. It's still a great modpack, the fact that you can just with the download of a launcher get a 50+ modpack that's completely out of the box ready for multi-player is wonderful. It's not like they are neglecting the project, they just released a new recommended build yesterday. I'm sure there's another reason they can't get around to the changelog, whether it be them forgetting about it, or just not caring.
  8. I totally agree, but I found an (unofficial) changelog that's actually updated every now and then on the Tekkit Lite wiki: (http://tekkitlite.wikia.com/wiki/Changelog)
  9. @Dunvasa It seems like you are describing one of the new mods added as of 0.6.0+, which is Dimensional Doors (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1650007-147smpssplan-dimensional-doors-v121-physics-what-physics-the-dungeon-update/). I suppose if the changelog on the Tekkit Lite page was updated you would know this (heh).
  10. Hmm. Well I have a link to a changelog for you here via the Tekkit Lite wiki: http://tekkitlite.wikia.com/wiki/Changelog I will update my server soon and I will inform you if I get similar issues with mob spawns.
  11. I was wondering if I should update my server to 0.6.1, since it is the new recommended build. I am currently playing on 0.5.7, and I was wondering if any blocks would change or if I would run into any other problems if I just got the new server and planted my current world file right into it. I also want your guys advice. Is there any critical problems with this version that could potentially be game breaking? I noticed they removed IC2 Transformers, which is kind of a kick in the balls but I'm sure I'll survive. Is there any other removed mods that I didn't notice? Thanks in advance for any input you provide.
  12. I was just wondering where you could find an updated changelog for Tekkit Lite. On the website it seems the changelog only goes up to 0.5.6, and I was wondering where some changelogs for newever versions like 0.5.7 and up would be. I like to know what's changing in the game when I do an update. I also had some other questions about the website that seem to confuse me. I haven't been using Technic for a few months now and I was wondering what happened to the old Technic SSP pack. Is it discontinued, because it was basically all the same mods as Tekkit? And, for my last question, why is it such a secret to get other versions of the Tekkit Lite server files? On the Tekkit Lite info page (http://technicpack.net/tekkit-lite) is where you would download the server files for Tekkit Lite. However, this page only has the recommended version for download and never any newer ones. The way to get newer server files is to edit the download URL to the desired version. Nowhere on the page it says to do this except for on the forums (unless I'm missing something). If this is a public modpack that is designed for ease of use than why not put a download link to other server file versions or put some instructions to change the URL.
  13. Awesome, and thanks for the suggestion, didn't know EssentialsProtect was useful... lol.
  14. Thanks. So I'm guessing I'll have to also get the EssentialsProtect.jar right? I can work out the config for essentials myself, I've gone through it like 50 times. I'd also like to take suggestions from people on some good plugins to use, that are useful for a group of friends (4) to use while playing Tekkit (survival mode). I guess that since Essentials works that means most plugins work? That's pretty cool that they got a SMP version of these mods to work with the powerful CraftBukkit. It's quite amazing.
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