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  1. if this is posted in the wrong thread please tell me i wasn't shure So first before we get into who were looking for stuff like that i will tell a little about me because in my opion the server staff need to know what there getting into before they do so first off i am on about 4 hours a day and can be contacted easily seconded i have hosted over 20 - 30 servers since alpha rangeing from small servers to freinds to big communitys with towny and hardcore pvp servers But every time i made a server i always got one thing wrong being stubbon thinking that i can manage a hole server on my ow
  2. The server is currently down we are thinking of relaunching once i get a support staff
  3. we reset the server due to Heavy lag due to many things and the new update we did not get more ram as of yet we will be up gradeing the cpue very soon to help kill lag
  4. yeah him haVeing infinte batterys are kinda my fault he killed me and raided my base in witch i had the infinte batterys
  5. s4ip you froget theres only one admin me and no thats not the reason
  6. No asking for admin there will only be one admin and he does not have access to spawning. this to pervent admin abuse though things may change as we grow and we just made the leap from 20 to 40 slots
  7. oh i have back ups 2 just perfer the new update people seem fine
  8. oh i have back ups 2 just perfer the new update people seem fine
  9. well you should at least offer a script to look though chunks for the old uriaum id and replace it with the new one so as to not fuck over server owners
  10. I have found a way to stack all items to 64 heres the link to the video
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