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  1. Server review time! So in the few short days that i have been on Lukeycraft, I have learned many great things about it, one being that the server uses hakkit, which i believe is custom coding. Hakkit has many great features including Hakkit permissions, Hakkit Faction*** and much much more. The Staff of Lukeycraft do their job well keeping the server healthy and lag free, though they need to enforce their server rules a bit more; i have gotten spawncamped just a few times and even kill In spawn with lightning, it's just plain rude. The Server enforces a strict Raiding policy Encouraging everyone to join in, in my opinion, that is freekin sweet. Next we have the mechanics: There are mobs, but not a lot of them, i believe that the spawning rate was reduced by quite a bit to reduce lag. while it does help, it cuts a major portion of the H/M gameplay. **** Overall i give this server a 4/5 with a cherry on top **** Aterruit, you have a great server, the best H/M server out there, keep up the good work
  2. Hello, i'm looking for some great plugins that i can add to my server, to add a bit of 'spice' to the gameplay, i'm doing something similar to say the yogscast. Please us this format provided by the Technicpack forum staff. Plugin Name: Just the name of the plugin BukkitDev Link: The link to the BukkitDev page Description: A short description of what the plugin does Tekkit Compatibility: How compatible it is with Tekkit. Don't be afraid to also post fixes to common problems associated with this plugin! Be sure to clarify whether or not the plugin works well with mod blocks or not.
  3. Could you do a server review for my H/M server? I would highly appreciate it. Thank you.

  4. Review: After a few short days of playing on this server, i noticed a few things. 1. Admins don't take care of their players, i understand that admins have their jobs that they need to fufil, but the staff selection is crap. 2. the terrain is crap, mainly because people like to grief what ever they see, and since Hack/mine is Roughly a vannila build (as far as you can't have very many plugs etc...)you can't really protect or regenerate the land as you could before. 3. The lag is horrendous, never in all my days of playing minecraft, have i ever been on such a laggy/freezy server. 4. The spawn area looks half decent. Overall, Vertigo is an ok server, considering how far and few the Hack/Mine servers come from each other, i give it a 2/5**
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