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  1. Use tanks as a buffer layer then waterproofed pipes to pump into the generators?
  2. Change your client back to 0.5.1 so it matches the server or upgrade the server to 0.5.2 so that it matches the client.
  3. I am really missing something here. I place the jar files in the plugins folder but nothing happens? It is placed in the root of the server.
  4. I confirm laggy as heck, this is on a treepuncher hosted server that ran Classic like a dream... and only me connected! Hopefully we will see a client/server fix soon... please
  5. Ahhhhh I will give that a go. That makes sense actually as I imagine the addon may be overwriting something. Thanks. I will try the optifine fix too Teraku. I am surprised it isn't in as standard yet! It may even help with my terrible lag as well, though I am not holding my breath. Still IMHO the features of 1.4.6 still make the change from classic to lite worth it (he says trying to convince himself!) UPDATE: One of these worked. not sure which as i wanted to redo the tp and needed Optifine so did both. Ya anyway thanks
  6. I have tried that and it just makes the server unaccesable. I can trust them not to use banned mods but it seems silly to put the server under a load it doesn't need.
  7. How can I disable a mod server side. I have tried killing the jar on the server but this just causes a client mismatch and I dont want to talk my users through client alteration (even if I knew what to do) What am I doing wrong?
  8. How did you do it Drath. I have the same issue.
  9. i will give it a try. Thanks
  10. I am running a small friends and family server after changing from Tekkit Classic and over there we used a death chest system (deadmans chest i believe) as we have decided to up the hardness by enabling monsters and banning EE (political I know!) I am a complete novice at serverside modding, bukkit did all the lifting for me, is there an easy way to get a serverside chest system running? Thanks In Advance (Mod Edit, so people didn't think TIA was your name.)
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