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  1. he still couldnt find out who i am hahahah, i am very close to him.
  2. most of the mods you are looking for in a pack is incompatible, for example little blocks is incompatible with tropicraft computercraft and ic2 tho xerph pack got some of the mods you like and will soon get more i believe. no im not the real drath819 tho.
  3. Yes i use solar power for the sorting machine.
  4. Sorter Machine Jam So i have looked at the internet, many problems with the jam but mines is a bit different then them, so i have put a crystal chest next to a sorter (eyes of the sorter looks to the chest) i make the sorter machine so that unknown materials go to uncolored pipe (tried with colors either) but when i add a material to the chest it just makes the machine eat it and wont give it without breaking a pipe or the machine, i put a extractor next to a pipe accidently and the sorter works but every materials go into it, even when i colored the pipe going to the extractor. Buffer Jam/Not working After i put something in a buffer the sorting machine does not pick the item, it just ignores it, the hole is looking towards the sorting machine. Please help guys, just in case you will ask i am using tekkit 3.1.2 (gonna try in 3.1.3)
  5. trying to get back into the world shuts internal server again.
  6. Title: Mystcraft crashes tekkit Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows 7 Java Version: Java 7 Update 10 Description of Problem: i have made a mystcraft world, with 2 times dense ores, 3 times cave world and everything else normal and i crashed before even entering the mystcraft world, i did not get any error messages or logs i just got the message shutting down internal server HELP! Error Messages: Error Log:
  7. put the texture pack into the addon,not the addon to the texture pack.
  8. Theres no flying ring at all currently, it is so needed to do building, if we dont get it back we are screwed,i had to download a flying ring mod which wants 72 diamonds 4 feather and 8 iron
  9. Will tekkit eventually get to 1.4.6? if so please dont change or remove EE2
  10. just condense manualy, 2 uranium is 1 diamond, 1 diamond is 8 iron for example.
  11. anything you want too see outside of mines?
  12. Condersers beign removed is a big bad thing, mod makers should have removed energy collectors and relays instead.
  13. i wont actually play until the changes of EE3 and IC2 will happen.