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  1. Techpriest

    [In Progress]TekkitZ, a map adaption of DayZ. (0.0.4)

    2 weeks ago. I was finished. Now, I'm no longer finished. After I finished it. A virus known as the FBI Moneypak virus was deep in my computer, I had to delete all of the files and reinstall my Windows computer. I don't think I can actually release it since it took me about 9 months and 4 months of buddies help to finish it again.
  2. Can i help you with building by your tekkitz map

    1. Techpriest


      I'm actually working on a world generation mod, so I don't have to basically build anything, this mod will generate terrain like hills, grass plains, ponds, towns, and lakes... you get the idea. You can help me by making a screenshot of how you should think a town should be like. But I appreciate your help.
  3. Techpriest

    [In Progress]TekkitZ, a map adaption of DayZ. (0.0.4)

    Note to people who wants this to be done quicker: Make a town of Tekkit Z. That you want to be made. I don't have a creative mind anymore due to working on a server with too much creativity, now I'm out of juice.
  4. Techpriest

    [In Progress]TekkitZ, a map adaption of DayZ. (0.0.4)

    I have come back from the dead to revive that this project is going to be revived again! Long live TekkitZ!
  5. Techpriest

    Tales of Ilensia, (my book)

    Argh my spleen, this is quite funny.
  6. The worth of a man is the sum of his knowledge. This is on topic and in character with you.

  7. Where is the story background? I need it in order to understand your map without downloading.
  8. You can do two things: Impress a moderator into unkellering you or Wait for 4 weeks not 3 weeks.
  9. Techpriest

    Zombies Nuclear Plant Almost Done (Sneak Peak)

    Well, you can't shrink it anymore. The only reason you have over 2GB is because you have probably wandered around the area making the chunk load.
  10. Techpriest


    I don't mind. Go ahead.
  11. Techpriest

    Colored Names

    You forgot orange which means banned. Never mind.
  12. Techpriest

    the luacher will not load

    Threadjacking isn't allowed.
  13. Techpriest

    Players join in AFK and no prefix is displayed.

    And how is this related to Tekkit.
  14. My degree is far superior. I serve the Imperium by building Earthshaker Rounds in Mars.
  15. Techpriest

    Tales of Ilensia, (my book)

    I don't like it, there's no plot at the beginning.