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  1. IGN: minerofgoods53 Why I want to join: I would love to play a server without a ridiculous amount of players, with a good community, no greifing, and nothing banned. This server seems pretty nice and fun. I look forward to playing on it.
  2. everyone's just swearing, so I'm not going to bother with this thread. any admins, can you tell me how to close it?
  3. well that's embarrassing. I think I'll try out your server now. my ign is minerofgoods53
  4. I'm not trying to start an argument, and I didn't know that, so thanks
  5. the thread's closed, so go away jerks. MOD EDIT: Dug up the edit so you can see what was REALLY said! I want to make this thread to see who thinks collectors are cheating, and who don't. I'm not trying to start a war or anything, I just want to see the different reasons and submit a few of my own. First of all, a few rules. No swearing. This rule is non-negotiable, no matter how mad you get, or how frustrated Do not harrass people, even if they make your reason seem ridiculous Those are actually the only rules, so have fun. But first, one of my reasons. "
  6. I agree. I saw it on Rythian's tekkit, it appeared to just turn it to night, then to morning. It seemed pretty spazzy (<--- I bet that tht's not a word, and if it is,I probably spelled it wrong )
  7. I would like to join, but that link is completely unhelpful
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