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  1. IGN: minerofgoods53 Why I want to join: I would love to play a server without a ridiculous amount of players, with a good community, no greifing, and nothing banned. This server seems pretty nice and fun. I look forward to playing on it.
  2. everyone's just swearing, so I'm not going to bother with this thread. any admins, can you tell me how to close it?
  3. well that's embarrassing. I think I'll try out your server now. my ign is minerofgoods53
  4. I'm not trying to start an argument, and I didn't know that, so thanks
  5. the thread's closed, so go away jerks. MOD EDIT: Dug up the edit so you can see what was REALLY said! I want to make this thread to see who thinks collectors are cheating, and who don't. I'm not trying to start a war or anything, I just want to see the different reasons and submit a few of my own. First of all, a few rules. No swearing. This rule is non-negotiable, no matter how mad you get, or how frustrated Do not harrass people, even if they make your reason seem ridiculous Those are actually the only rules, so have fun. But first, one of my reasons. "Just think, all collectors do is generate EMC using light. That may seem like cheating, but think. Solar panels also create energy (albeit electricity) using sunlight, and collectors are a lot more expensive."
  6. I agree. I saw it on Rythian's tekkit, it appeared to just turn it to night, then to morning. It seemed pretty spazzy (<--- I bet that tht's not a word, and if it is,I probably spelled it wrong )
  7. I would like to join, but that link is completely unhelpful
  8. I would like to join a server. I don't own a server, I have tried to create one and I cannot, so I am looking for a server that has about 3-10 players. I am only twelve, but I'm smart and mature. I talk a lot sometimes, but I'm also really quiet sometimes. I'm looking for a small server because I have a lot of stuff that I want to build in survival, with other people. I've always hated singleplayer survival minecraft, and I'm tired of large servers. I'd rather not use Skype, but I might get teamspeak in a month or two. I hope that someone will consider adding me to their server. If you ask, I might show you some pics of a few creations of mine. Here's a link to a post with one of my creations. http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/a-sorting-machine-i-put-together-with-tekkit/ It's a little complicated and the power's pretty overkill, but I made it for an app to a server (the server was pretty bad, no buildcraft or EE) and at the time that I made it I didn't quite now about the power of solar power, and I was in creative mode. Another thing, I would like the server to have nearly full EE, I am okay with no destruction catalycst or catacalysim or any of the EE explosives, but the server needs full, un-nerfed collectors and relays with all Mk's enabled and available,condensers, and preferably, but not needed, transmutation tablets. The server neeeds all of the DM and RM items, armour, and tools, except maybe the morning star. The server needs full BuildCraft and all most full IndustrialCraft. I don't care about the tekkit explosives or nuclear power, I don't care about any minecraft explosives ( by that I mean TnT and all of the forms of it) and I don't use nuclear power. Bye
  9. Name: minerofgoods53 Age:12 What do you wish to accomplish?: I wish to create or join a prosperous town and set up a brick factory (it may seem dumb, but I've wanted to for a while because it seemed cool). The fact that this is post-apocalyptic is a huge bonus. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft?:Yes, I am very familiar with both. I have also played with each one installed on vanilla minecraft. what is the purpose of a macerator?: A macerator macerates each ore into two dusts. These two dusts can then be smelted into two ingots/bars. One dust = one ingot. Macerators also turn things such as sandstone or gravel into certain things that are related to the item that is being macerated such as sandstone into sand and gravel into flint. On this category, all a new tekkit player has to do is look at other apps. I have not done this, and to prove that I haven't, I have also said the purpose of a recycler. what is the purpose of a recycler: A recycler can turn things into scrap, which can than speed up the process of a mass-fabricator. What you put in the recycler has a small chance of becoming scrap. I think more valuable items have a higher chance of becoming scrap, although I have not tested this. Recommendations(if you have been invited): No Others things I should know: There are small grammar and spelling mistakes in the app information, such as under "Recommendations(if you been invited):" , it is missing the word "have" (I went ahead and added it) and not all of the categories have colons. I am not trying to be a smart-alec with that last statement, I am just informing you for the good of the server. I am up-to-date and watch all of the Yogscast series (<--- plural), so I know a lot about the different mods in tekkit. I do not raid very often at all, although I may stop and peek in the occasional un-protected and non-hidden chest. If you do not wish for me to do so, please inform me in the message that says I am whitelisted (if I get whitelisted). Thank you for your time, I can not wait to begin on this server. I may rambled a little bit .
  10. IT WORKED!!! thx so much :D :D
  11. gui size? what category is that under? (in options) I'll try to find it
  12. I looked at the dynmap and screenshots, and this server seems very impressive
  13. In game name: minerofgoods53 Age: 12 Location: Oklahoma, USA Minecraft experience to date: I've been playing for about a year Why do you want to play on our server? (You are NOT going to get whitelisted if you don't make me believe that you are willing to put a little time into your application and show that you actually care): I want to play on this server because I've mostly been playing faction servers with a lot of restrictions, and I would like to find a server where I can use (at least) mostly complete EE and don't get raided every 5 minutes. I know how to use most of buildcraft, industrialcraft, and EE. I would like to learn more about redpower,railcraft and computercraft. This seems like a friendly server (for the most part) and it doesn't seem to have very many restrictions or rules , and the ones it does have seem to make sense and are easily understandable. This seems like a great server, and I can't wait to join.
  14. I tried resizing and pressng o, and neither worked, even together. D:
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