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  1. it was just an expression. im sorry if i insulted you without realizing it. i tried downloading the new launcher, it brings me to a sketchy looking page that asks me to download a toolbar that my security system isn't okay with. Scratch that, i got everything under contrull now. My computer sounds like its doing a lot more work then with the previous launche, but other then that it appears fine. Nevermined again. It just crashed my computer when I tried to start hack slash mine.
  2. You don't understand. It's been doing this to me for two years.
  3. i have a smiler problem to this. if i try to start up any mod pack other than tekkit classic, it connects to the minecraft website, then i get the update failed. and no matter what i do. it always forbids me from starting up anything other than tekkit classic. i have no idea what to do. where do i get help at?
  4. what information do i need to submit for admittance into this server, and how dos the white list admittance process go? this would be my first time ever trying to get into a white list server.
  5. Minecraft username: coe_coe_coe Do you have any bans on record? i am positive that i have no bans on record, but if there is a way to check for bans, id like to know about it. If so, Why? N/A now that i have posted this, how do i know if i have been accepted?
  6. 1. how dos swatchdog work? 2. what are the bans normally for? i guess the only way to truly tell if this server is right for my friend and I is to play on it a few days. i see that i need my minecraft username and state any bands i have, but is there anything ells i need to list? and I'm pretty sure i don't have any bans, but is there a way to check for sure?
  7. First question: what is the community like on this server? Second question: how many bans have occurred on the server? Therd question: what Fandome of furrys commenly join this server? Forth question: what add ons dose the server run?
  8. I'm thinking of joining your server to host a YouTube series on, but before I join I want to ask a few questions about the server first.
  9. sorry i already have a partner in tekkit. the series is a play threw as i teach my friend tekkit, but you could always sneak your way to fame threw one of are videos via showing us around your facility if you have built a unique system of some kind. and can someone pleas tell me; what is the community like on this server? iv traversed many servers in the past, all of witch have been infested with trolls bent on pillaging and murder. but those were public servers. im hoping a wight list server will be different.
  10. i am debating joining this server to host a youtube series on. what is the community on this server like?
  11. just followed your steps, and the same problem i always have with this thing cam up again. the server says; " 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file c/:users/herp/derp/herpdaderp/tekkit server> paused press any key to continue . . ." and when i press a key it closes itself. what do i do?
  12. this may sound like a stupid question, but what dos PVE stand for?
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