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  1. IGN: Viderizer TIMEZONE: GMT +2 AGE: 13 EXPERIENCE: About 750 hours of playtime for Tekkit & Minecraft, I've also administrated multiple servers in the past, also Tekkit ones. REASON TO JOIN: I don't have a server which I can play on at the moment, and I'd like to play in a server that has a small community.
  2. The hosting I personally use, http://get-sourced.net can set up a Tekkit server for you if you send a support ticket, if you don't know how. Also their prices/support are awesome. But generally, you just need FTP, and support for custom JARs. You basically upload the Tekkit server JAR and mods to the custom jars folder (if any, if not, to the main directory). This varies for every hoster though. What I see from redstonehost, you probably just submit a support ticket requesting Tekkit.
  3. No. The bug is that when the server has lag, you can withdraw more items without the server noticing you used the EMC. This allows infinite items.
  4. Made a combined download with patches from me and thomasfn. This includes: [li]DM/RM Axe[/li] [li]DM/RM Hammer[/li] [li]DM/RM Hoe (Doesn't work on the tilled land, but works for the flowers and stuff it knocks off)[/li] [li]DM/RM Pickaxe[/li] [li]DM/RM Shears[/li] [li]DM/RM Shovel[/li] [li]Red Katar[/li] [li]Red Morningstar[/li] [li]Destruction Catalyst[/li] [li]Catalytic Lense[/li] Download ZIP (Version 4) Download RAR (Version 4)
  5. I added my both seprate downloads to a single RAR: http://valssi.fixme.fi/~viderizer/EEPatches.rar It contains: [li]Destruction Catalyst[/li] [li]Catalytic Lense[/li] Also adding the same disclaimer. I will not be held responsible for any damage that occurs on your server as a result of installing this patch. If you want to check the patch for malicious code, you are free to decompile the patched classes and have a look. I'd recommend www.showmycode.com for this.
  6. I created a patch for the Destruction Catalyst now with thomas! I'm going to do the rest soon because I'm also a server admin and I want to get our buildings safe http://valssi.fixme.fi/~viderizer/ItemCatalystStone.rar Place the class file to your ZIP's "ee" folder, overwriting the existing one. EDIT: http://valssi.fixme.fi/~viderizer/ItemHyperCatalyst.rar for Catalytic Lense. (Didn't test this one ingame yet so I'm not 100% sure it works) Tell me what items you'd like patched still, and I'll patch them.
  7. The bug format. Use it. Also, we can't do anything to this, poke the Crafting Table II makers for fixes, it's currently quite bugged with mod recipes.
  8. You don't need to disable it, you need to use Java 7.
  9. How hard can it be reading the stickies? http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,2797.0.html"]Not following bug report format. http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,2834.0.html"]Also the fix is already there.
  10. http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,2834.0.html Some effort to search for the problem.
  11. It's not a bug. Read EE FAQs. You need to press 'V' multiple times to charge it.
  12. Any way you could've forgot to forward the server's ports, made a typo in the port or something like that?
  13. 1. From the Desktop, right-click My Computer and click Properties. 2. In the System Properties window, click on the Advanced tab. 3. In the Advanced section, click the Environment Variables button. Then continue from the 4th step in the thread I linked you to
  14. So you couldn't read the stickies. http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,2805.0.html for running on Windows.
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