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  1. Your supposed to keep the files in forges fml right? Ill try it, another thing i might do is take sombody elses working modpack.jar as a test to see if its something else (i wont keep it cause i have a wierd update to remain compatible with my server)
  2. Exactly. Now i did that client side so im not sure of the issue tho. its got me beat
  3. I deleted modpack.jar and threw forge in minecraft.jar and it worked. so i think modpack is the issue here
  4. My launcher launches vanilla and im not sure why. I didnt delete any META-INF's and made sure its modpack.jar please download and see what i did wrong.. Thanks! (ive been at this for hours) https://dl.dropbox.com/s/syzbvyd7g6ui1zf/Dawgcraft.zip Also the modpack downloads to .technic so thats not the issue
  5. Tpaulvc


    I was thinking for technic they should have 2 categories. RPG, and Survival. RPG contains mods like tale of kingdoms, millenaire, and things like that, while survival is just normal technic!
  6. if anybodys intrested in making a high tech vechs style map with me, ill do it. I can run a server (hamachi) and im 14. PLEASE be at least 13-18. If you have no sense of humor this isnt the project for you, me and my friend love to pull pranks on people (small ones) so if you wanna team up my skype is titoflyer443. Just request and ill answer. Im Eastern united states. And am on for most of the day playing portal and stuff but will get off to work on the map 90 percent of the time. hope to hear some responses
  7. Name:tpaulvc Age:14 Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town):I would like to move far from spawn, and create an industry or company that mass produces various items Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? Yes for a while what is the purpose of a macerator? To turn 1 ore into 2 dusts, which can be cooked into ingots, making it 2 times as efficient. Also to turn coal into coal dust to make things like carbon plates Recommendations(if you been invited): I found this on the server deluxe page and thought i need a great server and i think ive found it Others things i should know
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