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  1. as freakachu said they only use fuel to move. Each turtle moves a maximum of 4 blocks for each opening and closing. Coal/Charcoal gives you 96 fuel. So that's about 14 opening and closes per piece of coal/charcoal. To be honest that's not too bad. Fill it with a coal-fuelcan and you get 1824 movements (456 openings or closes). That'll probably last you for all the time you have the door. I guess you have to ask yourself how often are you planning on opening and closing the door? Also as freakachu said you can build a refueling system and if you have enough materials for 4 turtles I'm pret
  2. Yeah it's something I'd never really thought of before until I came across a problem in my survival world which would normally require an insane amount of pistons. It's good if you want to show off how many resources you have. Also you can make really really large doors without breaking much of a sweat. I am planning on live streaming the making of a 9x9 door which should be fun and interesting! =D Not got a specific date for it as of yet but we'll see what happens! Hopefully it will be soonish =D
  3. Hey there. You know those old 3x3 piston doors? Do you find that they are really large, clunky and difficult to get your head around? Don't you just hate it when you come across a design, build it in your world and suddenly realise it doesn't work because of patches or directional bugs? Have you tried making frame doors but you just can't make them look cool enough without making them extremely over complicated and pricey? If you answered yes to any of those questions, I think your going to like this. Introducing your neighbourhood friendly wireless mining turtle! What can he do? Well he c
  4. So you know those 3x3 piston doors. They are really big and super clunky right? Well I had an idea to make a really ultra small version of a 3x3 door but instead of using pistons why not use turtles? You may be thinking "why use turtles anyways?". Well one con with using turtles is that they are by no means cheap however they look super cool AND you can make absolutely huge doors and it really doesn't get any more complicated than your 3x3 door. If you need any more persuasion you can make really ultra cool and intricate designs including doors which open in a "circular" pattern! Imagine i
  5. It's not really a let's play... =L But fair enough =D
  6. Man it's been a while since I posted a tekkit video... And on the tekkit forums at all actually... But here it is, finally. A new video! =D So I bring you the 1st of my Tekkit server tours!!! Within this tour you will discover an awesome, yet expensive, 3x3 door design, the Leap of Faith, my very own mass EMC generator (yet to be improved upon), the possibility of me live streaming while I make a 9x9 door and the beginnings of a sorting, request, auto-craft room! Well I must say I hope you enjoy watching the server tour as much as I enjoyed making it with my friends! =) Hopefully t
  7. From what I remember this is not any bug or anything tekkit related. It's a vanilla minecraft change which caused all old worlds to get pretty much wiped out. It's due to the new world gen. Sorry about that man.
  8. I am no modder and my programming knowledge barely covers matlab... However I can come up with ideas. As OmegaJasm said people were saying 'it was removed due to the 'minor' bugs'. So I was saying 'well why not keep it in and allow people to choose whether or not they want to have the minor bugs or not?' If the bugs were game/world breaking then they wouldn't be minor and then I would never have suggested such a thing. i.e. the only reason I suggested that idea was because people were saying the bugs were minor.
  9. Well... It was either make a machine to craft solar arrays and make solar arrays - more resources req. or make solar arrays manually - faster and less resources required. And seen as this was to get unlimited resources in the first place, which we didn't have before, we went with the second one. IMO it would be a much better idea for tekkit to leave the crafting table mk3 in tekkit but in the server properties of the server there is a question as follows: Crafting Table Mk3 available? - true/false therefore people can turn it on or off as they please =) but those of us who c
  10. So what can we use to replace the crafting table mk3 in our single player tekkit worlds?
  11. I totally agree. On my server me and my friends wanted 8 HV solar arrays (for EMC generation mwuhahaha). Without the crafting table mk3 it would have been much much harder than it was. If there are fatal bugs then I can see the point however I do have some single player worlds using tekkit and my right click (mac pad) is much different to the average mouse. I hope this is re-added or something to make it useable in single player tekkit.
  12. Some nice ideas with the mob grinder. I may have to try that though I personally never saw the point in the sword turtle. Mainly because turtles still won't be able to track mobs and even if they could the mob can walk diagonally faster than the turtle can go 'forward, left, forward, right' So for a decent mob grinder you'll need a whole line of sword turtle so the mobs can't escape. In my opinion it's just not worth it. There are much better ways to kill mobs off than using 2*n diamonds, where n is the width of the dark room. However, I have to agree. Turtles are very very overpowered for the
  13. Indeed. Shame that... But maybe they'll find some other way for pipes. Maybe they could make jacketed pipes? But then again pipes are pretty okay seen as stone and cobblestone pipes still don't mix =D
  14. Haha I suppose this is true =P But for automation purposes I think it can be excused because in the end the redpower sorting machine for example is pretty much a computer which checks items etc. A lot of things in redpower are specialised computers like this. But the difference is if you try to make a sorting system with computer craft turtles it's going to be a lot harder than with redpower though I believe it's much more visually appealing to see turtles which move about with items. That's my opinion anyway =) I agree. I wonder if there will be an update making pipes fit with cover
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