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  1. Okay, I found a place that lets me upload files. Here's the link. Yes, the name of the world is "I hope this works." If that file hosting service isn't very good for some reason and messes something up, let me know and I'll find some other place to put it. Also, it may be important to say that I can remove the Atomic Science and ICBM files from the mods folder and it lets me load worlds.
  2. Yes, it happens the first time I try to load. And as far as I know, every time after that. At one point I tried to load a map three or four times without success, but I just gave up after that.
  3. Sort of. When I try to open a world, it freezes at the "building terrain" screen. The console displays error messages- I put the log in that thread. It's probably not really helpful, sorry. But the problem exists in this version and the recommended one.
  4. This problem has still been happening with the latest version. It seems like the same mods are still causing it- All parts of ICBM and Atomic Science.
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