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  1. Hello I looked around and still couldn't find anything, can anyone redirect me? If you have a video that would be best.
  2. Hello, I have never used Computercraft before and I was wondering how you would go around making a program that checks the status of redstone and is able to turn it on or off just by type true or something along those lines.
  3. Hey AlienX me and my friend just start a Tekkit server with Beastnode and we are using your mod for worldedit and worldguard and wondering how we would blacklist the RM Furnace from being used because we don't want people using the dupe glitch
  4. I own a server and we have worldguard setup in certain areas so that not nothing can be destoryed but some tekkit items in equivalent exchange and nukes if they are used out side of the selection can blow up the selection. How do I prevent this?
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