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  1. Hello. I'm speaking on behalf of a private server owner, a friend of mine, and we're looking for TWO, read it, TWO people who want to join a private server. Sounds simple, right? It may very well be, but before you make that decision, read on... Rules: No crashing the server, obviously. It's understandable if it's a mistake, but if you're doing it just to annoy us, we'll remove you. No griefing/trolling other players. Pranks are all fun and games until someone loses their base over it, so please keep it simple. Have fun. If you're not having fun, we're not having fun, and isn't the poin
  2. IGN: Meep140 Skype (will contact you with this if your accepted): Superoverlord Meep140 Do you accept the rules?: Naturally, yes. Age: Will be revealed to you over skype, I don't trust the public with that information. Youtube: Meep140 (No videos, can't exactly record with this computer as it is.) How active you will be: Quite active, will try to get on every day for at least an hour or more. Why should I pick you?: I find myself to be wanting more of a tightknit server that won't abandon the whole thing after 5 days, one of people who really put effort into a server of this kind, and I
  3. Minecraft Username - Meep140 Are you a YTer? - Err, somewhat, i have an account but because my computer is abysmal I can't actually record anything... Youtube - Meep140 I require a server that is small but with a tightknit community, the being-in-videos thing is a bonus for me. Oh, and I hate the dubstep gun with every atom in my very being, so please refrain from using it, as it causes massive lag for me...
  4. Why did I come back? I got bored.

  5. Minecraft Name: Meep140 Why you would like to join the community here at SilliTekkit: I want to help some people do something in the game Do you have any bans on record? If I did, I wouldn't bother asking How long will you be able to play on SilliTekkit? A few hours, sometimes.
  6. I'm available from 2-9, sometimes 10 PM on Weekdays, and from 12-?? PM on weekends. You have to be American or at least Canadian, so sorry if you're already typing and you just read this, but I can't play with people outside my country, like Europeans. Otherwise, looking for some mature co-operative Tekkit LPing with 3-5 people, can at least set up a basic house to start with, but I might get better with time. Skype is Superoverlord Meep140.
  7. The same problem here. This appears to be a major problem with the launcher's attempt to connect to multiple IP addresses/domains at once, and it simply cannot handle it all at once while loading the special modifications as well, so it just gives up and gives you the error.
  8. IGN: Meep140 Have you ever been banned: Nope, and I don't plan to be What do you plan to do on the server: Work with someone to take over the world to make various machines What is your experience level with Tekkit? I know about pipes and engines, but that's about it really.
  9. Insanity is that of the being insane of insane people's crazy existence type.

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