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  1. yeah destle is right you need to give out your real IP get it from the site that destle said
  2. what time zone are you in so i can see what times the server will be up i live in australia so if you could just tell me the timezone that you are in that would be great but yeah maybe see you on your server
  3. Username: jkillmaster2 Age: 16 How long have you been playing minecraft? 2 years Do you know much about volts? Yes i have played volts alot Why do you want to play on this server? I like the concept of a survival server and I like voltz so when you have a Survival voltz it ticks all the boxes What do you like doing in Minecraft/Voltz? i like mining and building all the machines and gadgets that voltsz or any mod adds to minecraft
  4. WHAT THE HELL i just tried to join so i put in the server ip and it said that it was a 6 slot server and that my client was out of date and that i needed a 1.5 client yet latest voltz (1.1.4) runs on minecraft 1.4.7 can someone please explain this to me
  5. this sounds the best server i have come across in days. apart from the infection of doom the server sounds pretty much like what volts was made for the fact that this is ur 3rd volts server means u are pretty good at that this sounds like a server i want to be a part of i cant wait for it to open
  6. hi can i please join your server i am 16 and live in Australia i have a mic P.S. Norway is awesome (i have cousins there) my in game name is jkillmaster2
  7. Launcher Version: Operating System: windows 7 64 bit Java Version: JRE7u11 Antivirus Program: Trend micro Description of Problem: when i try to launch tekkit for the first time it downloads the vanilla part of minecraft and then just launches the vanilla part of minecraft NOTE: The following error log was taken from an attempt on which i had my antivirus, windows firewall and router firewall all turned off so it cant be a firewall problem Error Messages: Error Log: [22:12:54] [sEVERE] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [22:12:54] [sEVERE] Not allowed to op
  8. UPDATE!!!! still cant connect to minecraft.net with the technic launcher but discovered this error log and honestly i am seeing a lot of the same thing here [22:24:01] [sEVERE]------------------------------------------ [22:24:01] [sEVERE]Launcher is starting.... [22:24:01] [sEVERE]Launcher Build: '' [22:24:01] [sEVERE]Allocated 910.25 Mb of RAM [22:24:01] [sEVERE]Java VM: '1.7.0_10-b18' [22:24:01] [sEVERE]OS Version: '6.1' [22:24:01] [sEVERE]Is 64-bit: 'true' [22:24:02] [sEVERE][info] Downloading 'mirrors.yml' from 'http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/mirrors.yml'. [22
  9. thanks but no change as i said earlier my vanilla launcher connects to minecraft.net fine and my feed the beast modpack launcher connects to minecraft.net fine but my technic launcher doesnt connect to minecraft.net
  10. Launcher Version: Operating System: windows 7 64 bit Java Version: JRE7u10 Antivirus Program: trend micro Description of Problem: when i open my tekkit launcher i get the message cannot connect to minecraft .net where the username /password input should be i have tried the normal minecraft launcher and that works and i have tried the feed the beast launcher and that also works but the tekkit launcher for some reason doesn't connect to minecraft.net Error Messages: could not connect to minectaft.net Error Log:
  11. it might be one of many things like minecraft 1.2.5 is not compatible with java 8 or windows 8 so downgrade your java to JRE 7 and run in windows 7 compatibility mode also if you have an antivirus turn it off and turn off windows firewall and delete the .techniclauncher folder run (%appdata%) and you will see the .techniclauncher folder try clearing the casche aswell that can sommetimes work one weird one is your internet doesnt download it properly like when i tried to get my tekkit to work my home internet wouldn't download any mods at all but when i went to my grandparents ho
  12. i turned of firewall and turned off all of trend micro's securtiy settings and i am still getting the same message why is it not working
  13. Launcher Version: Operating System: windows 7 (64 bit) Java Version: jre7u5 Antivirus Program: trend micro Description of Problem: i open up the launcher and download tekkit. i try to join a server and it says i need minecraft forge. i managed to manually install forge and when i tried to join a server it said that i needed every other mod. what i get from this is that the technic launcher is not downloading any mods sorry if i was supposed to put this in a different section but the problem seems to occur in technic aswell. but it has no error messages it just doesnt load any
  14. I've tried both a couple times and i still keep getting the same message. at 1 point i somehow managed to install minecraft forge manually and when i tried to join a server, it says that i need every other mod in tekkit.
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