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  1. This server can be very fun at times. Most of the time while im play BT im having a good time. Im building my house, or flying around with my friends. A couple of problems Ive seen is that the economy is very grindy. You are capped at how much money you can make in a certain amount of time. Ive also had problems with voting, which is the main source of your income in the game. However these set backs as aggravating as they can be, i still have a lot of fun. The staff are very helpful and are available 24/7 and the players are very kind and easy to get along with.
  2. The economy on your AotBT server sucks. It puts a cap on grinding for money and you have to wait every 5 minutes to make a little more than $50. When you are trying to make a beautiful base and you need land claim blocks, $50 is nothing when every block is $5 a piece. It is very obvious that you only care for the votes are some of the staff aren't helpful and you have 36 websites for voting, some dont even work and some are just the same website as another. I encourage you to take off the mob kill cap so you can make more than $50 every 5 minutes. I think this would allow the player the option to make money easier while still having fun, instead of having this unnecessary grind that is very annoying and makes me want to quit the server. I hope the economy will get fixed so i can actually have fun and not worry about my base getting destroyed. Thank you for your time. In addition, i would like to say that this is my biggest problem. Everything else is fine, there is more work to be done to be a really good server, but at the end of the day i enjoy playing on this server with my friends. I would give this a 3.5/5 star rating.
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