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  1. What is your IGN? Phantom329 Why are you interested in the server? Good mod pack, whitelist, community Do you have any previous experience with playing modpacks? If so, please give us a basic summery. Started playing with every mod since MC 1.0
  2. I am on my university's internet and I got this message when trying to download the launcher: Download of the virus has been blocked in accordance with company policy. Please contact your system administrator if you believe this is in error. File name: TechnicLauncher.exe I already contacted the IT department but for now can I get a mirror so I can start playing again? Thanks. -Phantom
  3. I cant seem to figure out how to use my RP comp. I set everything up correctly and did some commands and it worked but whenever I type WIPE to clear a block on a floppy, the comp. freezes. Can someone please help me?
  4. I've tried them and they work using the night vision potion effect, unfortunately, at least for my game, there is no item texture so it is obviously in dev.
  5. I cant seem to find the download for the Faithful 32x32 pack for Tekkit. I went to the Minecraft Forum page for the pack but I can only find the vanilla download and every individual mod download. Can anyone post the link to the full download? Thanks! -lePhantom
  6. you do not even need any permission plugin, just add "[buildcraft]" (or whatever mod) to the OP file under the main server folder.
  7. I tried to do that but it still does not work, any other suggestions? Edit: Never mind, it did work!!! I just typed it wrong. Thanks so much Edit2: [RedPower] works but what is the fake player for industrial craft?
  8. ^ same I think this is the reason why block breakers, quarries, and miners don't work on my server
  9. I'll have to try that, thanks. Im not sure if your math is correct with the ice per second (i think you mean minute) but I used snow golems with block breakers under them to collect snowballs. Those went into compressors which fed into the reactor with the same internal setup. I used regulators to keep 7 stacks of ice and replace any depleted cells for max efficiency. Unfortunately my test world got corrupted so I did a small retest but lost my total control panel.
  10. Fo some reason, none of the block breaking items seem to be working on my Tekkit 3.1.2 server. I've tried (BC2) Quary, (RP2) Block Breaker, and (IC2) Miner. They eat power but do nothing. I think it is a problem with the plugins, here is a complete list. WorldGaurd WorldEdit Trade TekkitCustomizer Stargate PermissionsBukkit-2.0 Essentials (pack) autosaveworld
  11. lol MC servers were down :P
  12. I have started using reactors for power and was wondering what is the advantage of using re-enriched uranium cells and what to actually do with them. I have heard something about a hot reactor, can someone give me a good reactor setup? Also, if you want to know how to setup a non-EE ice cooled reactor, I can help.
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