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  1. Sponge or someone is the match tomorrow or next week for Wednesday
  2. Well I know when I played none of that was nececery as we couldn't cross the border I don't know if it changed but please don't be so down about it as this is the best thing I have encountered yet so give it some respect :)
  3. Hey sp0nge we would like to have another go on wednesday and we have an actuall team now Here it is: Joshuacn danny19916 abcbadboy SARA_BIRDS GreenAardvark53 merlin2105
  4. Wow so just cause we don't have a page means we don't get to be in it WOW
  5. Umm we don't have a server page yet as the server is just for like freind usage
  6. Sp0nge How many people have to be in a team give me that information and I will get a team in I really want to do this Or anyone
  7. Sp0nge will me and green be in it if there are only 2 teams also I think I could get 1 more person in joshucn
  8. I want to be in it me and GreenAardvark and our team will be GreenMerlin my ingame name is merlin2105
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