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  1. well I do not know I plan on making a new post on how to use modifyworld because it is better if you can work your mind around it
  2. Lul to me because of this thread I have learned how modify world works.
  3. try a plugin called noitem if you need permission help just ask
  4. Make sure your noitem config looks like this. Notify: Admins: false AdminMessage: '&e%n &9tried to &c%t %i &9in world %w @ &a%x,%y,%z' NoUse: true NoUseMessage: '&9You are not allowed to use a(n) &4%i&9!' NoBrew: true NoBrewMessage: 'You are not allowed to brew that potion! &4(%i)' NoHold: true NoHoldMessage: 'You are not allowed to hold &4%i&9!' NoWear: true NoWearMessage: 'You are not allowed to wear &4%i&9!' NoCraft: true NoCraftMessage: 'You are not allowed to craft &4%i&9.' NoPickup: true NoPickupMessage: 'You are not allowed to pick that up! (%i)' NoCook: true NoCookMessage: 'You are not allowed to cook &4%i&9.' NoDrop: true NoDropMessage: 'You are not allowed to drop &4%i.' NoBreak: true NoBreakMessage: 'You are not allowed to break &4%i.' NoPlace: true NoPlaceMessage: 'You are not allowed to place &4%i.' I have quantum chest plate banned and it works fine for me people cannot wear it also I found with pex its better to put permissions in order so try putiing all the noitem permissions first the the rest of your other permissions. - noitem.nowear.x30173.1 - noitem.nowear.x30173.27
  5. Ok you can add it to usefull guides/links topic
  6. lol i like have it blocked from being placed with no item
  7. Idk i can always use second ability on all servers
  8. NoItem all the way disable craft also dose not disable placement of items and don't say oh that can not craft them so im ok well what if an admin drops a blokced item then they have the blocked item and can place it
  9. noitem works great for me but i wanted to retry disablecraft and prove him wrong lol
  10. well lol not using the stop command and just xing out of the window is callig for corrupted world and other crap
  11. edit just retried off a few guys tutorials and nothing blocks item crafting in the Crafting Table 3 I even went to a few other server and all tekkit tables where banned abd the ones thata didn't banned them i made nukes on and then got banned by admin for having them disable craft does not work for blocking items in tekkit tables
  12. I Was trollolololed because you should have did that before your post if you have done this before
  13. if you read when you use /stop in console it says saving world/saving chunks
  14. lol server is constantly saving thats what the world folder is
  15. its just harmless errors i get them all the time on the hosted server i have and it has 7gbs of ram go into bukkit.yml and change warn-on-overload to false
  16. the way his post sounded to me was that his server wasn't booting because it could not find the jar file lol my bad people