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  1. ---------------- Age: 16 Minecraft name: SloppyHands What is your play style? (big builds, factories, medieval, high tech, etc): i usually start off small, but then once i get a basic setup, i slowly start building away, my favorite thing to build is old factories, filled with high-tech machines and automatons How often do you usually play?: mostly on the weekends but sometimes during the week here is some of my work: ----------------
  2. i would love to become apart of the community, im a great builder and tekkit expert IGN: SloppyHands
  3. IGN: SloppyHands AGE: 16 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?: no WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT? i love the complexity of it, and how i feel like it never ends WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY? i plan to make a huge farm growing all sorts of plants from ic2, as well as automatic bread and watermelon farms
  4. Please answer the following questions: 1.) How old are you? (12 and over) 16 2.) How long have you been playing tekkit? 6 months 3.) Have you ever been banned? If so, why? no 4.) What do you plan to do on this server? (Build, PvP, Etc.) build a solar panel factory 5.) What is your IGN? SloppyHands 6.) How often can you play on the server? mainly on the weekends but sometimes during the week
  5. -IGN: SloppyHands -Age: 16 -Tekkit Knowledge: mastered ic2, rp2, and bc, looking into railcraft and cc is imposible to understand but ik the basics -Do you have and use Skype?: adidasFan96 -General Minecraft Knowledge: ik everything about normal minecraft, been playing it for over 3 years -How long have you played Tekkit and/or Minecraft?: over 3 years, tekkit going on a year -Have you ever been banned? if so, why?: ive been banned from servers mostly cause i was immature, but have out grown that behavior, i havent been banned from a server for over 6months of playing pretty much everyday -Did you read the rules?: yes...pimp -Do you understand that at anytime if you’ve made a server lagging project that we the staff have the right to tear it down to keep performance up?: yes -Tell us a bit about yourself, your plans once on the server, you builds, or something to let us get to know you.: i plan build a factory that refines, stores and transport fuel, also have a nice shorting machine set up -How awesome of a builder are you?: im a very good builder, i just need some time.
  6. ign: Sloppyhands gender: M age: 16 from: Connecticut previously banned: according to mcbans yes, but if im recalling correctly those bans where from abusive admins, you will not get any trouble from me. Reasons and motivations: Im not looking to become super powerful and aim for quantum in a week, my play style is more just, get some materials, then build a sweet factory, then focus on automating everything. I always make sure everything i build looks great, and i never take short cuts. I am excellent with rp, ic2 and bc, and im looking into exploring railcraft.
  7. it says i only have 3 bans the latest one is from over 9 months ago 2012-01-01 21:20:55. according to this http://mcbans.com/player/SloppyHands to simply just go by mcbans as a way to judge and represent players isn't fair. Please reconsider
  8. i do in fact own a dedicated server, but i don't see how that affects my application, the server runs itself and i have dedicated staff, who keep things running smoothly. im reaching out to other servers, because i enjoy playing legit and that's hard to do when you have access to spawning items. As for mcbans, all those bans are not from any time resent and i admit to them however, i have since grow out my childish ways. I really think i deserve a chance as mcbans i don't feel is a fair representation of me as a player. The reason for this is, I don't remember any of these bans accept for maybe one, in which cases i joined the server and admins were flying around killing and banning people, i was one of those people. Now i know that sounds like a desperate attempt to appeal my bans, but there's nothing i can do to convince you I'm not lying, so hopefully my word is enough. Please reconsider my application, as i believe i will be a great addition to the community. My mcbans account also has a 7.68 reputation out of 10 which personally i think is very well for playing minecraft for over 2 years. Quote from you: 2) I can just add them. I know you got on earlier today, but if you come back on and you want to add friends, you can just give me their names and I'll add them. No need for the whitelist app in that case. Not sure what this is all about but it seems you were or are accepting ppl who dont even apply, meanwhile you are denying people who are, my point is at least give me a chance.
  9. *** White-List Application *** IGN: SloppyHands Age: 16 Location (country): USA, Connecticut Have you read and agree to the rules: yes Have you played Tekkit before?: yes for around 5 months Have you signed up on our forums/website (not required to!)?: not yet, but i will if i feel the server is for me and if i plan to stay
  10. Im using the plugin Grief Prevention on my server, and i have the correct version installed and everything about the plugin is working except for the /siege feature. Players and i have come to find that no matter where you are when you use the command it just says "siege is disabled here" I have tested it while im in other ppls plot aslong as just in the wilderness. please help
  11. thanks super good to know how do i prevent the grief though
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