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  1. Hello, I cannot find a way to remove a thread that I have started. Could you please remove my server advertisement thread at - http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/1-6-4-moonworld-pve-10-slots-whitelist.55014/ ?

    Thank you!

  2. Apologies, but I cannot see a way to delete threads I've started. Is that possible? If not, could you delete my thread at http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/1-6-4-moonworld-pve-10-slots-whitelist.55014 ?

  3. i didn't know where to ask, so may i please be whitelisted? IGN: Defender2002

  4. Curious - what mod are you using to do your world border? I've been unable to find a good non-bukkit based world border mod.

    1. varietygamer


      I'm afraid this is indeed now bukkit based, and the mod is called world border.

  5. Apologies for not getting back to this forum for nearly a month. All applications to this point are whitelisted. Further applications are closed and the OP has been updated to reflect that. All currently whitelisted players can contact me directly if they would like me to add a friend to the whitelist.
  6. Update again- Turning off the_end at first did not appear to break anything, but apparently something with (at least) the transmutation tablet requires the_end to be on, because using the tablet only half works with the_end set to false in bukkit.yml. Item's cannot be targeted for creation in the right pane of the gui, but turning items into emc still works, and transmutation from displayed items in the right gui still works. Weird O.o
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