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  1. Thank you for providing proof that you completely ignored both the rule and Khio's reminder to follow the rule. The rule clearly states 'wait a few pages,' yet by your own admittion you waited a mere one and a half. You are not getting unbanned.
  2. Technic discord's only like 8 months old man. This means you got banned like, almost immediately. I know the kind of shit people were doing then, and none of that needs to come back. So nah.
  3. PhoenixTalon, please don't harass other server owners or your ability to have a server thread on these forums will be revoked. Powerpin, please post a list of banned items as part of your OP.
  4. I have removed every single post related to the DDoS comments. Anyone to bring them back into this thread will recieve a permaban.
  5. Hello, I cannot find a way to remove a thread that I have started. Could you please remove my server advertisement thread at - http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/1-6-4-moonworld-pve-10-slots-whitelist.55014/ ?

    Thank you!

  6. Guidelines for thread title It should be in the format: [Hexxit version]Server name[PvP/PvE/etc][# slots][Open/Greylist/Whitelist][Major mods removed]optional slogan Example: [0.5.0]Maid's House of Pancakes![PvE][20 slots][Greylist][No EE][No BuildCraft] or [0.5.0]Cheaps' Peeps[PvA][15 slots][No BuildCraft]-Lets get physical, physical. This way you can get most of the important stuff you are looking for from a server in the thread title. Do not use redundant or useless tags. Just the important information. You can list anything else in your server post. Guidelines for thread post The thread must have: Server IP Server rules Any mods removed/disabled from the baseHexxit Pack A list of all banned items that are from mods not listed as disabled. Not a picture, a list. Please note: These are banned items, not restricted. All major plugins on your server A small section describing the server, even if it's just "I was tired of playing alone, so I put this up, come join me" The expected uptime of the server, 24/7, only Tuesdays, whatever A little bit about the community that is currently playing, or the kind of player you want in your server Any details needed for Whitelist/Greylist applications Some effort. We just need to see that you put some effort into your post, that it was something you thought about for at least a few minutes, rather than just posting. Pictures of awesome stuff on your server, spawn, going really indepth into what and why the server, and so forth. Whitelist vs Greylist vs Open servers: A whitelist server require an application to join the server in the first place. Whitelist servers have no further restrictions Grey(or gray)list servers require an application to do anything on the server. Greylist servers have no further restrictions. Open servers are available for play immediately or near immediately. Open servers must never have applications, even for staff. Higher quality posts have: Always have pictures Going the extra mile in formatting Spent a few hours or more working on the post (it shows!) "Flair" A list of all restricted items that you need to be a mod or become a "trusted user" or whatever to use/place/have. Describe any themes, events, or gimmicks that your server has. Threads must never have: A list of mods in the pack. It's Hexxit, we already know what is in it. Mods that are not in Hexxit on your server that require client-side mods. Adding in Thaumcraft is not okay, however adding in a world gen mod is 100% fine. Use your head: If players have to install anything to join, it cannot be posted here. The center, color, text size, and text font tags outside of headers or similar uses. Anything that could be considered facilitating piracy. For example, stating that your server is an offlinemode server. Racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. language. A donation button in the thread. Your server cannot be "pay 2 play" or any other way of requiring players to pay money before connecting. Server posts that do not conform to these standards will be rejected. Meeting most of the criteria in the Higher Quality section is the only way to be a candidate for Deluxing (Do not request Deluxe. If you are a diamond in the rough we will find you. Attempting to buy or beg for Deluxe will result in blacklisting.)
  7. Yeah, such talk is not welcome here. Also, it is completely derogatory if you knew what the hell it came from (/b/) so perhaps you should just chill out and let mods take care of things.
  8. I'd like to point out, AGAIN, that all this needless hostility needs to stop.
  9. This is what you should have done from the very start
  10. As far as the pack goes, it's basically technic with a few slight changes, so whatevs, play that if you prefer it's all good.
  11. Get it you do not: Making points effectively. Refrigerator.
  12. <&Maiden> I just wanted him to go back to trying to argue instead of insulting people because he couldn't
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