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  1. PhoenixTalon, please don't harass other server owners or your ability to have a server thread on these forums will be revoked. Powerpin, please post a list of banned items as part of your OP.
  2. I have removed every single post related to the DDoS comments. Anyone to bring them back into this thread will recieve a permaban.
  3. Yeah, such talk is not welcome here. Also, it is completely derogatory if you knew what the hell it came from (/b/) so perhaps you should just chill out and let mods take care of things.
  4. I'd like to point out, AGAIN, that all this needless hostility needs to stop.
  5. This is what you should have done from the very start
  6. As far as the pack goes, it's basically technic with a few slight changes, so whatevs, play that if you prefer it's all good.
  7. Get it you do not: Making points effectively. Refrigerator.
  8. <&Maiden> I just wanted him to go back to trying to argue instead of insulting people because he couldn't
  9. Actually, since that post numerous projects have come out. There is even a stickied thread about how to use one of them. They're just not as stable and solid as the old forgebukkit so there is no classic build yet
  10. Maybe you could have read other threads about this and you would have found out that FE needs configured before you use it right now.
  11. Seriously guys? This was the text based equivalent of repeating what someone just said in a whiny tone of voice. It's barely even trolling, and is, at best, the same level as a 3rd grade school ground bully. This isn't funny, wanted, or necessary. If it's something you all do, expect to get timeouts from the forum when I notice. Hell, this wasn't even the right place to air your problems with this and you both have hijacks the thread you were supposedly protecting. Also? Your mocking also helps derail threads, so thanks for that.
  12. Man, people needing help going to a forum that is there to give them help sure seems weird! I wonder why they do that? Or why people who aren't having issues aren't posting for help about their lack of issues?
  13. Actually, most high speed internet boxes that you plug your router into? They're modems.
  14. Yeah, a tube projector linked to the same core will make a hole, but that is basically the only real way to get through them without hoping yopu get lucky with bugs
  15. I don't believe in capital punishment, it goes against my personal beliefs as a follower of *cough cough*
  16. The quake 2 engine is what Valve heavily modded to make half life with.
  17. Because Greg tech turns IC2 into a horrid grind?
  18. Ridgedog should know about how hard it is to get a large amount of mods updates when new updates from MC are coming fast and furious. He should also understand that a large pack like Technic/Tekkit is a lot harder to update and keep updates than a relatively small one with a few authors like the voxel pack. But hey, if any of this is true, it's more likely that the 'It's not updated in a while' is just rationalization of buying into the FTB hype.
  19. Here is the thing, energy is turned into matter all the time. The fundamental step that all complex life requires is photosynthesis.... which is the process of turning sunlight, water, and C02 into Glucose. This energy stored in matter form is the basis for life :)
  20. Naw. FTB is Technic pack without the name and all the obsolete and irrelevant drama that sticks around because once egos get involved drama is the next best thing to permanent. The FTB team would have to be blind to not figure this out, as all it takes is a look at Technic forums to realize the kind of community you're going to get.
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